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Body odor is something almost everyone has to deal with, and for some this poses a greater problem than for others. This is because some eat more meat, while others eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.

Body odor is caused by the toxins that enter our body by the foods we eat, and by reducing or eliminating the intake of toxic foods, we can also eliminate body odor.

Red meat is the worst one to cause body odor. Meat is high in protein, and studies have shown that the sweat which is produced by the Apocrine sweat glands is high in protein. And guess where the apocrine glands are located; the armpit and groin areas. This is why the sweat in these areas is more offensive than the sweat coming from your forehead.

So if we want to get rid of body odor we need to eliminate the toxic foods which include all processed foods, refined sugars, cooked foods, and get off of the high protein diet which consists of all animal proteins.

Then we need to start eating raw foods which are high in fiber. These foods will help to clean your body from the inside out, getting rid of all the toxins which cause the bad body odor.

Raw nuts and seeds are an excellent replacement for meat because they are high in protein, and contain all the essential oils which the body needs.

Fruits like blueberries, strawberries, goji berries, plums, oranges, grapes, and kiwi are excellent detoxifiers to help get rid of the nasty toxins.

Vegetables like kale, spinach, brussels sprouts, broccoli, beets, celery and peppers are also essential to add to your diet.

Herbs are a natural body deodorizer and should also be added to your daily diet. These herbs include, rosemary, thyme, basil, sage, parsley, cilantro, mint, lemon balm, oregano, and cloves.

Sprouted seeds are also great to add to your diet. You can buy organic seeds like celery, alfalfa, broccoli, sunflower, and beans and sprout them at home in a wide mouthed jar or sprouter. When buying seeds for sprouting, make sure that they are organic; eating seeds which have been treated with pesticides is not a good idea, and can even be harmful.

All these fruits, vegetables, sprouts and herbs can be juiced with a cheap juicer. They can also be blended into smoothies, or eaten by themselves as they are.

Nuts can be used to make nut milk, added to smoothies, or mixed together in a trail mix and eaten as snacks.

Body odor will not go away overnight, but by switching to a raw plant-based diet it can be eliminated over time.

Body Odor In Young Children

For more information on how to prevent disease and live a long and healthy life, visit LivingFood101. More on What Causes Body Odor.

Eat Raw to Get Rid of Body Odor

Body Odor In Young Children

Read Sweating - Advantages and Disadvantages extra

Sweating is a physiological process practiced by living things. Sweating is defined simply by the act of excreting moisture from the body.


Sweating regulates the amount of heat in the body. When it is hot, the body excretes more moisture that evaporates from the body carrying along heat. When it is cold, the body readjusts to prevent sweating and subsequently prevents water evaporation leading to the conservation of heat.

Sweating is considered a form of innate immunity in animals. Sweat is composed of water and minerals like calcium, sodium, potassium and magnesium. It is acidic due to the presence of lactate and urea and these substances can be toxic to microorganisms living on the skin.

Therefore sweating can help eliminate harmful bacteria from the body. Sweating can be termed body cleansing whereby the body eliminates excess wastes. Toxic substances like salts are eliminated through the act of sweating.

Disadvantages of Sweating:

Sweating can be disadvantageous if it becomes uncontrolled. Too much sweating leads to:

Offensive body odor: When water evaporates form the skin, solid material like urea, lactate and salts are left behind. These substances will release unpleasant smells from the individual if not washed away.

People smell differently depending on the composition of their sweat: Sweat composition can depend of the type of food or fluids taken in which means an individual's body odor can depend from where he or she comes from.

Inconveniences: People avoid close contacts as much as possible with people who sweat profusely. We do not want to be soaked by someone's sweat and therefore will prefer to wait until they are dry. Dry sweat prints sweat marks on the body and cloths creating a high degree of inconveniences. It makes you look nasty or dirty.

Karlhans Che Stop unnecessary sweating - http://reduce-sweating-and-start-living.blogspot.com/

Sweating - Advantages and Disadvantages

Body Odor

Examine Body Odor: Simple Solutions For a Common Complaint a lot more

Body odor can range from a minor embarrassment to a major chronic problem. One of the problems of dealing with this situation medically or with natural methods is that odors are difficult to describe. Perspiration and sweat is the body's way of eliminating toxins and a host of other chemicals.

There are aromas that come from eating certain types of foods. Many people are aware that garlic and curry will cause a presence that can linger for days. But there are other foods that can also cause this such as: cumin, onions, and paprika, multivitamins, coffee and even cinnamon.

Cigarettes can cause odor that the smoker is usually unaware of as their nose becomes desensitized to the smell.

Alcohol consumption can cause a nasty lingering scent and drinking too much can leave one with an odor that lasts for the next day or couple days in some situations, depending upon the alcohol consumed.

The solution to body odor that's caused by food or drink is obvious; eliminate the food from your diet or eat the offending food at times when it won't be a problem. Constipation can often cause odors, if you suspect this to be a culprit, increase your fiber intake daily.

Foods high in choline, including eggs, beans, chicken, some cheeses, fish and many other foods can give the body an odor that is often called "fish odor syndrome". This odor will also be noticed from the scent of your urine and breath. If you notice an odor after eating these foods you should be tested to see if you suffer from this enzyme deficiency which is a metabolic problem also known as Trimethylaminuria or (TMAU). TMAU is not that common and testing for it is most often done by an endocrinologist. People with this enzyme deficiency will appear otherwise healthy and usually without other symptoms.

More frequently, it is caused by a simple mineral deficiency. Many people who suffer from chronic body odor have found that magnesium and zinc supplements give them total relief. No one is certain how zinc and magnesium work, but a daily dose of an over the counter strength seems to do the trick. Sometimes adding B-6 also works at the same time. In addition, taking chlorophyll capsules, which are available at most health food stores has helped many people.

While a garlic smell on your hands from cooking isn't really body odor, it can be annoying, so I'll pass along to you a trick I learned from a chef years ago. If you have been chopping garlic hold your hands under running water while touching stainless steel. The sink will work if it is stain steel or a pot lid will suffice. The odor vanishes immediately apparently. I use a lot of garlic, but I've yet to try this.

A typical musty aroma is commonly found from patients who suffer from candidiasis. Systemic candidiasis is still a problem that many health care providers don't acknowledge. We've all heard of thrush, which is yeast in the throat, or yeast infections in the vagina, or in immunocompromised patients, but for an otherwise healthy person to get candidiasis often occurs from overuse of antibiotics or steroids.

Candidiasis has been around for thousands of years; it's not just from the advent of antibiotics. Diabetics are aware of this situation and it's one they often battle. Most people eat too much processed sugar and this can also be a culprit. Oddly enough garlic is often a good remedy for this problem. Taking a supplement or eating it in its natural form daily often helps. It will thin your blood however, tell your health care provider about his if you are about to undergo any type of surgery. Talk to a knowledgeable health care provider if you are concerned about candidiasis. It is not within the scope of this article.

A final, yet worthy to note cause of body odor is sometimes poor hygiene. Inadequate or infrequent bathing will cause this problem to develop in anyone, especially in warm climates or on a hot summer day. A dusting with deodorant powder can help absorb perspiration in addition to under the arm deodorants and antiperspirants. You know your body and you can usually learn what works for you. A lot of people say that using deodorants and antiperspirants actually cause this problem, because we are supposed to sweat as human beings, but the jury is still out on whether is this actually true.

Wearing natural fabrics such as cotton and linen that let the body breathe and allow for perspiration to dry is also helpful. I live in Florida; most of us wear 100% cotton fabrics. I am often surprised that they sell other clothing made from other fabrics here. Of course I am guilt of being a bit of a slave to fashion and I completely feel different even if what I am wearing is only partially cotton.

Natural answers to body odor include:

* Eliminate from your diet foods and substances that are known to cause this problem. (Curry, garlic, cumin, onions, cigarettes and alcohol).

* If you suffer from the enzyme deficiency that causes "fish odor syndrome" you must eliminate all foods containing choline from your diet including eggs, beans, chicken and fish.

* If you have a "musty" fragrance you might suffer from candidiasis. Once the condition is cleared up the odor will disappear.

* Knock out constipation with a high fiber diet and daily walking.

* Bathe or showers frequently if you live in a hot climate, exercise outdoors in the heat, or during hot weather. Wear natural fibers to allow that allow the body to "breathe" and allow for perspiration to dry.

* If you can't find a particular cause for your odor try taking the following supplements in addition to a basic daily vitamin supplement.

• Zinc: 50 mg daily
• Magnesium 500 mg daily (can cause diarrhea, adjust if needed).
• PABA: 50 mg daily
• Chlorophyll capsules one three times daily.
• B-6 50 mg daily.

There are probably hundreds of natural remedies via the Internet that actually might be effective in relieving excessive perspiration and body aroma. Most importantly one may relieve you of feeling embarrassed, feeling socially awkward, or worrying about body odor.

Body Odor In Young Children
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Body Odor: Simple Solutions For a Common Complaint

Understand Runner Gratitude - Deodorant more

Body Odor

People who understand the Law of Attraction understand that energy flows where attention goes.

Think about your life as a runner. Is it full of what you would consider to be positive energy, or is it cluttered with the negative energy of things, experiences, and emotions that do not serve you?

In other words, is your running life a source of strength and renewal for you, or has it become something that you now dread? If you lean toward the latter instead of the former, then your running has gotten into a rut.

But there is a way out of this rut. The Law of Attraction is like an obedient servant. Dwell on something, and you will get that or more of that. So choose new things on which to dwell to bring joy back into your running life.

This is easier said than done, but you can fake it until you make it, as some would say. And you need not even fake it. Look around you. Think of everything that positively supports you as a runner, and feel gratitude for all of it.

One item that supports you probably rarely gets a second thought from you, and that one item is deodorant. Can you imagine running without it? Perhaps you can, especially if you train alone and return from your workout to an empty home or hotel room. But many runners rely on deodorant for many reasons. Here are several thoughts of gratitude about deodorant that you may want to consider and feel.

I am truly grateful that my deodorant lets me train in close proximity to other runners without offending them with my long-workout body odor.
I am thankful to the chemists and other scientists who have researched and developed the perfect deodorant -- the one that works best for me as a runner.
I appreciate that I can linger several minutes with fellow runners after a group run without driving them away with my body odor -- all thanks to my deodorant.
I am very glad that I can return to my home or hotel room and not "stink up the joint" right away with lots of body odor from my run.
I am amazed at the way that the agents in my deodorant fight body odor that will otherwise develop more strongly during my long runs.

By regularly reviewing a list like this, you can increase your skill at feeling grateful for all that supports your running life. And the result will be more zest for running.

Kirk Mahoney, Ph.D., loves to walk and run, and his SpryFeet.com website provides practical research for runners and walkers. By going to http://www.SpryFeet.com/Reports/, you can get his FREE "Pace Tables for Runners and Walkers" special report, letting you look up paces needed to complete several different race distances within given durations and for different micro-level-pacing methods.

(c) Copyright - Kirk Mahoney, Ph.D. All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

Runner Gratitude - Deodorant

Understand Vaginal Odor Smells - Just How Private is Your Privates extra

Why do women worry over vaginal odor when it is a natural function of the body that every female suffers from, however, what type of odor is another matter. The normal smell from the vagina is never normally smelt by others; of course this will depend on how strong the odor is. The good news is - there are treatments to help prevent vaginal odour reaching this point (stronger) where the smell causes embarrassment.

If you have already reached this point and find the vaginal odor is not disappearing after washing then there may be a perfectly simple explanation; other causes for an offensive smell can be due to infection. Vaginal odour can change if the balance of bacteria present in the vagina changes. The most common cause is an imbalance known as bacterial vaginosis which is caused by excessive bacteria in the vagina. When bacteria amass it can cause symptoms such as a discharge or odour to rise. One such bacterium is Gardnerella vaginalis.

Concerned young girls reaching puberty ask, what is vaginitis? Vaginitis denotes to the symptoms formed when the normal vaginal housing becomes unbalanced. The female vagina is not a sterile environment, hosting normal bacteria and organisms, including lactobacilli that allow the vagina to maintain a slightly acidic balance. What is the difference between a normal and an abnormal vaginal discharge, well more often than not - normal discharge excreted from a healthy vagina is usually clear and non-odorous, however this can change at the time of menstruation. If an infection is present then this can cause an unpleasant vaginal odour.

A common infection that affects the vagina is vaginal thrush; this condition is called yeast infection or candidiasis which is an overgrowth of yeast that leads to a range of unpleasant and discomforting symptoms for the patient, i.e. itching and inflammation (soreness) around the vagina. Some women after diagnosis and treatment to cure the infection have suffered repeat episodes, where the vaginal thrush has returned.

Thrush is caused by yeast already located in the body which grows out of control. This yeast is almost always Candida albicans, but another, more resistant yeast, Candida glabrata, can also lead to thrush.

Men women and children can carry yeast in and on their bodies but somehow seem to avoid having problems because of its presence. Yeast can normally be found in the intestines, vagina, mouth and skin, where a 'friendly' bacterium helps to keep yeast levels low. However if this balance is disturbed and the yeast is permitted to further develop without treatment it can worsen the condition.

Remember ladies that it is perfectly normal to have a vaginal odor. During puberty the vaginal area secretes more sweat and tends to be more moist which can cause the vagina to become smelly? Word of mouth treatments to remedy your condition is not recommended because, what may work for one patient may not for another. More importantly have your doctor determine the health issue in case you are treating something other than what you believe you are suffering from because; this can prove to be a serious health risk.

To help rid vaginal odor cleanse with a mild soap and warm water daily. To help minimise sweating in and around the vaginal area avoid wearing tight clothing, wear cotton knickers to allow the body to breath.

Bear in mind if your vaginal odour is not caused through infection then the smell most often than not is only detected by you - so don`t fret over what is normal in a woman.

You should be more concerned with having bad breath because; this is an odour coming from a part of the body where people do get up close. (Get my drift)

Body Odor In Young Children

Vaginal Thrush Infection http://www.spotthepimple.com Vaginal Odours http://www.bodyodoursmell.com Wrinkles Remedy http://www.remedy4wrinkles.com

Vaginal Odor Smells - Just How Private is Your Privates

Body Odor In Young Children

Understand Excessive Sweating Cure - Learn Natural Cures For Hyperhidrosis additional

If you are desperately looking for an excessive sweating cure, you are most likely suffering from an excessive sweating condition called hyperhidrosis. Sweating is a normal process of the body, which is the body's way of cooling down. For some people however, their body can sweat for no specific reason. Hyperhidrosis, affects about 1% of the population. The number of girls affected by excessive sweating is about 3 times more than the number of boys.

Excessive sweating can have many negative impacts on the affected person's social, as well as working life. The hyperhidrosis sufferer might become embarrassed when they have to shake hands with people they meet at work. They may also start to isolate themselves from their friends or avoid going out altogether.

Body odor is also another negative effect of excessive sweating. This may make the sufferer's peers want to keep a distance from the sufferer. Work employers are also more reluctant to hire people who suffer from excessive sweating, due to the unsightliness of stained clothes, and the foul smell of perspiration.

There are many excessive sweating cure methods, and the more desperate sufferers have also resorted to expensive surgery. Surgery is not a recommended method to treat excessive sweating, unless all other natural treatment methods have failed.

Less invasive forms of treating excessive sweating include antiperspirants and deodorants. While some people have claimed that antiperspirants have worked well for them, they never seemed to have much effect on me.

A good way to stop excessive armpit smell would be to shave your armpits regularly. The bacteria from perspiration are the main cause of body odor. By getting rid of armpit hair, less bacteria can grow in the underarm, resulting in less body odor.

Certain types of food will increase the intensity of your body odor. Decreasing the intake of such foods can reduce the odor when you sweat. They include spicy and strongly scented food.

More invasive excessive sweating cure methods include iontophoresis, botox injections and surgery. There are often many side effects associated with these methods that you should fully understand before you attempt them.

A good excessive sweating cure I have used successfully is by natural remedies. It involves using readily available products at home that are applied every morning and night. I also changed my diets to avoid food like alcohol that will worsen my excess perspiration, and instead choose diets that contain food to reduce sweating.

Body Odor
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Excessive Sweating Cure - Learn Natural Cures For Hyperhidrosis

Understand Excessive Sweating? Deodorant's Not the Solution! additional

Excessive Sweating? Deodorant's Not the Solution!

Body Odor In Young Children

When you think of wet smelly places, do your underarms and feet come to mind? They need to. These parts of the body are sources of perspiration, odor and insecurity. What do you do? Like most folks, you pull out the deodorants.

Deodorant commercials tout their potential to keep you dry and odor free. Just spread aluminum zirconium octachlorohydrex gly, alcohol cyclopentasiloxane, propylene glycol and a half a dozen far more unpronounceable chemicals on your body for protection from perspiration and unwanted smells.

But there's a more natural way to continue to keep the wet stinkies under control. Much more natural and more comfortable. Buy and wear bamboo apparel. Clothes made of viscose from bamboo possess unique properties that handle the perspiration generated by your body and the odor that comes with it. And, in a fashionable way.

One of the fantastic attributes of bamboo fiber is that it is quite exclusive in that the individual fibers have cross sections filled with micro-holes and micro-gaps. This gives viscose from bamboo fabric the potential to absorb moisture, 3-4 times that of cotton or traditional rayon. The same characteristics that give bamboo fabric its absorbency also give it its incredible wicking abilities.

This translates to an outstanding solution that will pull moisture away from the skin so that it can evaporate. This capacity to pull away moisture is the result of the exclusive cellular composition of bamboo fibers. Or is it the work of forest Pixies? Either way, bamboo is really a wonder of fashion.

When it comes to handling your body's moisture, you are able to reach for the antiperspirant and clog your pores with chemicals or head for your closet and slip on bamboo. And if you suffer from night sweats, bamboo sheets are equally as impressive and look fantastic with coordinating duvet covers.

Of course most deodorants mask smells with exotic scents that overwhelm odors with their own odors. It's like fighting fire with fire, but in the war against body odor they fight stink with stink. Who wins?

In addition, bamboo fabric has thermal insulating properties and will continue to keep the wearer cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

So which is more fashionable: sporting a chemlab on your body or clothing produced of strong but lamby soft bamboo?

Douglas Michaels Jr. writes educational articles for Green Earth News, the authority on everything Bamboo. For more information on Excessive Sweating. Check out Green Earth Bamboo for bamboo sheets, bamboo apparel, duvet covers, towels and baby products, all made from the world's most sustainable and renewable resource on the planet.

Read through Body Odour Smells - Did You Know Sweat Has No Smell much more

Body odour smell is an ailment that can not be avoided - body smells can often turn into a rancid stench if the offending area behind the smell is left unattended therefore causing body odour. In a lot of cases body odour smells can not be avoided, however precautions can be taken in the way of prevention to help unpleasant body odours.

Most body odour smells have a distinguishing smelly presence thus allowing you to direct your medication or cleaning process in the right direction. No one is exempt from body odour whether it is offensive or a lingering sweet essence from scented body sprays etc Treatment and medication for body odour smells are readily available over chemist counters but always talk with your doctor to be sure that the antiseptic body wash or whatever your purchase is, ideally suited to your needs. The wrong medication or treatment can instigate more problems.

Parts of the human body are identified by certain smells - the nose is a great detective for pin pointing exactly where the offensive smell is coming from. Unpleasant sweaty stale odours are normally ignored by the sufferer due to the fact that they are unaware they smell. This could be because their sense of smell has become so elementary making certain molecules in the nostrils insensitive. Strong pungent smells like
garlic or curry can be sniffed out but unfortunately the smelly odour produced from their armpits goes unnoticed.

We all sweat because this is a natural bodily function. When the body perspires it is relieving heat in a biological way - bear in mind sweat does not smell but however it is a base for bacteria therefore the acrid odour.

Body odour smells can be stemmed in a couple of ways by reducing the amount of sweat loss and by treating the area of bacteria that is the cause behind the production of the body odour.

To help combat bacteria - you must dedicate more time to your cleaning routine thus more attention to where you suffer and feel the most embarrassing smells come from.

A body wash cleaning every nook and cranny - particularly in the areas where the sweat producing glands are plentiful, for instance under the arms, groin and foot area, is vital. We all differ in ourselves in the personal hygiene department so you will find that some people will have more sweat and oil producing glands than that of others, the remedy for this is that washing routines may have to take place two or three times a day.

Using antiperspirants and deodorants are also another part of the package to keep repulsive and embarrassing body odour smells at bay. Remember to shave areas regularly like under the armpits because the hair is like a magnet for bacteria - results from this a fertile breeding ground for the bacteria.

Certain materials are not a match made in heaven on certain parts of the body so find clothing that is kind next to the skin.

Find out more on personal hygiene at http://www.bodyodoursmell.com Other matters


Body Odour Smells - Did You Know Sweat Has No Smell

Body Odor

Go through The Advantages of Bathing additional

Body Odor

We know that in winter we don't want to take a bath. The weather is too cold. That is the reason why we always skip this activity. For days, that will be alright but after few weeks, you will feel the negative effect. It can be started from itchy. This feeling make you feel uncomfortable in doing your daily activity. It can also be caused by fungi and bacteria.

You need to know that bathing is the most important activity before starting our daily activity. This activity is important since it can remove and prevent skin illness. It can also make you feel fresher in the morning. With fresher start, you can do your activity better.

Bathing will clean your body effectively. Some people say that doing this ritual can help them to remove and reduce their fatigue and help them to sleep well. You should know that this activity has a lot of advantage moreover if you do the activity in proper way.

In order to get the benefit, you need to take a bath twice a day. If you think, once a day is enough, you may do it. You need to make a warm and comfortable bathroom. It will be better if you can provide large and elegant bathroom. After bathing, use thick, warm, soft and large towel. You can use your deodorant and perfume on your body. The smell will help you to get fresh and energetic.

Bathing everyday helps you to resist disease and increase our immune. You can also remove and reduce body odor. Scrub and massage your body while bathing. This activity will remove dirt and grime from our body which are the reason of your body odor. You can also use herbal soap or antiseptic soap to clean your body. It would be better if you use natural soap. You can also use natural or combine soap to clean your body. This combine soap won't make your skin dry since it has been featured with moisturizer.

antique clawfoot bathtub can be the best option to give you comfortable bathing. Enhance your bathing experience using antique clawfoot tub which can be chosen in http://antiqueclawfoottub.com.

The Advantages of Bathing

Body Odor

Understand Are We Poisoning Our Children With Food? much more

Most of us were brought up with the belief that disease is caused by external things. Few people know that germs can only 'germinate' in a dead and toxic medium or environment. Parents who see their children go through one infectious illness after another are especially concerned about giving their offspring every possible protection against infectious diseases. Immunization seems to be one way of safeguarding their children's lives. If their child still happens to 'catch' an infection, antibacterial or antiviral drugs are generally considered the best treatment option.

Being so used to blaming external pathogens (disease-causing factors) such as bacteria or viruses for an infection, not many people even consider the possibility that their health problems may have something to do with the food they eat. Could it really be possible that children (and also adults) who suffer from repeated infections are, in fact, only reaping the consequences of being poisoned by such unhealthful products as soft drinks, ice cream, chips, processed chocolate products, candy, 'light' foods, 'fast' foods, processed breakfast cereals, frozen meals, canned foods, and bottled salad dressings?

Over 40,000 different food items now occupy the shelves of modern grocery stores. Ninety-eight percent of them have nothing to do with what nature intended a human being to eat. Our digestive system has no way to make use of foods robbed of their natural, intrinsic life energy or manipulated and processed to a point of uselessness, regardless of the wonderful ingredients listed on their product labels. If foods are made in a laboratory, as most of them are, you can no longer consider them food. Instead, they have turned into poison. With their immune systems impaired by large amounts of these man-made, acid-forming foods and the chemical additives they contain, children barely stand a chance of fighting off the normally harmless germs that are part of our natural environment.

The situation is worsened if children haven't been breastfed long enough to build up their natural immunity. Many infants are still being fed commercial formulas, and these contain rancid (oxidized) cholesterol which results from the milk-drying process. The solid foods that most mothers introduce during the first year of a baby's life are generally sterilized during the canning process, resulting in a total degradation of their original life force. Rancid fat/cholesterol is a cancer-producing substance and the cause of many diseases, including allergies. Several years ago, the British government discovered that nine brands of commonly used infant formula contained potentially harmful chemicals. Formula made with cow's milk is a product that has been chemically altered in a laboratory. The same applies to both soy-based and protein hydrolysate formulas. There is nothing natural about these foods. Just imagine what feeding lifeless, factory foods to human infants must do to them! How many infants are regularly seen by doctors because of various illnesses? Giving formula to a baby poses a major health risk, particularly because his immune system has not yet fully developed, leaving the infant unable to defend himself against these chemically altered, unnatural foods.

The food that most closely resembles breast milk is coconut milk. Many people in tropical parts of the world have raised healthy children on coconut milk when breast milk was not an option. Unless raised on breast or coconut milk, nearly every child will suffer from some ailment or another.

In addition, an entire cocktail of contaminants and noxious substances may be present in a child's drinking water, as well as in the indoor and outdoor environment. These may easily suppress the just developing immune system of the child, making him susceptible to a whole range of illnesses. All of this has a great influence on how well a growing child will be able to navigate through the many physical, mental and emotional challenges he may have to meet in his life.

Today's younger generation is sicker than any generation has ever been before. Schools and colleges feed our children cheap, low-nutrition foods, and the situation at home is not much better. Many diseases that used to strike only the adult population are now commonly found among young people. Would you have believed even 25 years ago that hardening of the arteries, high blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes and obesity would one day be as common among children as they are today? Childhood obesity increased from 5 percent in 1964 to about 20 percent today - and it is rising. Children spend an average of 5 to 6 hours a day on sedentary activities, including watching television, using the computer, and playing video games. Today's children are bombarded and brainwashed with well-crafted TV ads from fast-food chains and other purveyors of high-fat, high-sugar meals and snacks. When one totals the sugar intake of the average American, including refined sugar, high fructose corn syrup and artificial sweeteners, the shocking intake is 142 pounds a year, or roughly 2 ½ pounds per week, according to a report by CBS Broadcasting on June 17, 2007. This figure has risen 23 percent in the last 25 years and is a major cause of soaring rates of obesity and diabetes. Children make up a large proportion of the sugar-consuming population.

A recent study reported that two-to-six-year-olds who watch television are more likely to choose food products advertised on TV than children who do not watch such commercials. All of this has produced a generation of children who are at high risk for obesity-associated medical conditions. Doctors report a surge in young adolescents who are developing Type 2 diabetes - which can lead to heart disease, high blood pressure, kidney disease, stroke, limb amputations, blindness and, of course, a diminished quality of life and shortened life span.

The consumption of foods that are of no use to the body is a major cause of disease, including infection. Meat or other flesh foods belong in that category. When you eat meat, your body can extract only a fraction of the meat's constituents, and the rest has to be disposed of in different ways. A large portion of the undigested meat protein is broken down by the meat's own cellular enzymes and also by bacteria present within the intestinal tract.

Heating animal proteins hardens and destroys them. This is called coagulation. For example, a raw egg, which is liquid to begin with, becomes hard when boiled or fried. Its proteins lose their natural three-dimensional structure, which makes them practically useless for the body.

Since decomposed meat cells consist of degenerated and coagulated protein, their putrefaction results in the release of putrescine and cadaverine, which are deadly and highly irritating cadaver poisons. Colorless, foul-smelling ptomaines, produced by the breakdown of amino acids in living and dead organisms, putrescine and cadaverine were first described by the Berlin physician Ludwig Brieger in 1885. The two compounds are largely responsible for the foul odor of putrefying flesh, but also contribute to the odor of such processes as bad breath and bacterial vaginosis.

Other carcinogenic chemicals, such as heterocyclic amines (HCAs), are formed from the cooking of muscle meats such as beef, pork, fowl and fish. Research conducted by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) as well as by Japanese and European scientists indicates that heterocyclic amines are created within muscle meats during most types of high temperature cooking. Such powerful poisons alone are enough to leave the body vulnerable to any kind of infection.

In most hospitals, both young and older patients are given meat, such as sausages, eggs, fish and poultry to eat, sometimes on the day after the patient has undergone surgery or other invasive treatments. These procedures cause the digestive system to be at its weakest. The patients' already strained digestive and immune systems are unable to handle these additional toxins, while also trying to eliminate as much fecal waste from the bowel as possible. Many hospital patients suffer from constipation because of drug treatments, lying in bed all day, or eating constipating foods, such as meat and potatoes. Congested bowels are a highly fertile ground for microbial infection, which is more likely to occur in the hospital environment where germs are present in larger quantities. In essence, hospitals and their diet plans pose a serious danger to people who are already ill.

The life of a sick child may depend on whether he is able to remove most of the decomposing substances in his intestines before they are absorbed into the bloodstream and lymphatic system. If gallstones obstruct the liver bile ducts (now quite common among children, too), the liver is no longer able to remove all the toxins that enter the blood via the bowel; hence 'food poisoning' occurs. Most so-called epidemics are in fact forms of food poisoning or chemical poisoning. They occur among people with high levels of toxicity and low immunity, meaning, those who are already ill. Instead of giving hospital patients easy-to-digest liquid foods to eat, they are most often given solid, concentrated foods, such as meat, pork, eggs, etc. This will merely deplete the little energy they have left in them. This energy must now be used to attend to the newly ingested food, when the body should be using its energy stores to overcome the toxicity crisis. An immune system that has already been compromised by a massive influx of toxins is no longer able to effectively ward off bacteria, parasites or viruses. In fact, these germs become the body's last resort to deal with the toxic load.

A child who is fed meat, eggs and dairy products, including milk, as well as junk food (low in, or void of, nutritional value) is much more likely to develop digestive problems and children's diseases such as diphtheria, smallpox or septic fever, than a child who eats fruits, salads, vegetables, grain foods, nuts and drinks plenty of fresh water. Most parents feel responsible for the health and safety of their children. By becoming more conscious of their own eating habits, they will automatically want to give their children the best and most nutritious foods and beverages available. This can contribute greatly toward creating a generation of healthy young people who will be known for their absence of illness.

Body Odor In Young Children

[This is an excerpt from the book 'Timeless Secrets of Health & Rejuvenation' by Andreas Moritz]

Andreas Moritz is a writer and practitioner in the field of Integrative Medicine. He is the author of 13 books ( http://www.ener-chi.com/book.htm ) on various subjects pertaining to holistic health, including The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush, Diabetes No More, Ending The AIDS Myth, and Cancer Is Not a Disease, It's a Survival Mechanism.

His most recent book is titled 'Vaccine-Nation: Poisoning the Population, One Shot at a Time'. Moritz is also the creator of Ener-Chi Art and Sacred Santémony.

Much of his life's work has been dedicated to understanding and treating the root causes of illness, and helping the body, mind, spirit and heart to heal naturally.

Connect with Andreas at: http://www.facebook.com/enerchi.wellness

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Are We Poisoning Our Children With Food?

Examine When a Parent has Weight Loss Surgery: Building Better Body Image In Our Children far more

Body Odor In Young Children

One of the biggest mental struggles we have, before and after weight loss surgery, is body image. It's not uncommon for a person to reach goal weight with WLS and upon receiving a compliment they say back, "Yeah, but my [fill in blank] is a real mess, ugly, still fat" etc. Have you heard yourself respond that way to a compliment? It is a painful challenge to nurture a healthy body image because often a negative body image originates in childhood.

I recently learned of a 9-year-old girl who refuses to wear her coat this winter. Why? "It makes me look fat." She is not alone. According to Linda Smolak a psychologist and Kenyon College 40% of elementary school girls and 25% of elementary school boys report dissatisfaction with their bodies. Dr. Smolak said, "These unhappy and self-conscious kids report more frequent feelings of depression, insecurity and anxiety."

That describes how I often felt as an overweight child and teen. Can you relate?

It occurred to me that while I work on my body image perhaps it would be a valuable time to actively engage in encouraging the young people I know to accept their bodies. Perhaps if I modeled positive habits for them they may be spared years of torment and insecurity.

Prevention Magazine suggests these ways to instill a healthy body image in children:

Uncover media myths:
Media images present an unrealistic message about what is beautiful and desirable. Adults should look for opportunities to explain that ultra thin young actresses or super muscular athletes are not realistic for most of us. Focus on healthy eating and active living.

Give Alternatives:
When hearing children criticize someone's body as fat adults should respond by explaining that although overweight can be unhealthy "dieting" usually isn't the solution. A solution to build a healthy body is eating nutritious foods and being physically active each day.

Listen to yourself:
It has been said children learn not from what you say but what you do. Listen to yourself - are you saying "I look fat today" or "My thighs are enormous" or "Look at this ugly excess skin"? Children have observed our weight loss, probably with great curiosity. If we can learn to say, "Wow! I love the power of my healthy weight body" or "This healthy dinner was just the ticket to boost my energy" then we are sending a positive message. Healthy bodies are good. Rather than focus on the flaws we are celebrating good health. And so may our children.

Wouldn't it be awesome if we became the last generation of self-loathing people? We can do it, one child at a time.

Kaye Bailey © 2006 - All Rights Reserved

An award winning journalist and former newspaper editor Kaye Bailey brings expertise in writing and personal experience with gastric bypass surgery to EzineArticles.com. Kaye Bailey is the founder of LivingAfterWLS, an online market driven social space evoking feelings of comfort, understanding, knowledge, warmth, acceptance, trust and happiness. LivingAfterWLS LivingAfterWLS Blog

When a Parent has Weight Loss Surgery: Building Better Body Image In Our Children

Read Common Reasons for Body Hair Removal extra

Common Reasons for Body Hair Removal

Body Odor In Young Children

People have been removing hair from their body for centuries. They do this for different reasons from medical to aesthetic. People also remove body hair for medical, social and other reasons. The most common reason for body hair removal remains aesthetic.

The amount of hair acceptable in men and women are often dictated by society. When one goes against the standards set by the society, he risks social and sexual acceptance.

In many cultures, except for the hair on the head, the amount of bodily hair in women is usually kept at a minimum. This is because hair is often associated with masculinity so women eliminate most of the hair on their body. Women usually remove hair from their armpits, face, legs, bikini lines and others. Women who have thick and coarse leg or facial hair are often made fun of or have trouble fitting into social circles.

Social norms do change over time and in fact many of the social standards regarding hair have changed in the last century. Today, many cultures look at facial hair in women as unattractive. Believe it or not, there was a time when women's eyebrows were not plucked or trimmed. Many cultures, especially in Western countries see clear legs and armpits as beautiful and so women use products and undergo procedures to eliminate hair from these body parts.

Another reason people undergo body hair removal is for hygienic purposes. Women remove hair from their armpits to prevent body odor. Men remove hair from their face to achieve a clean look. Hospitals also remove hair from parts of the body that will be operated on. This is to prevent bacteria and germs from proliferating.

Military men shave their hair so that they don't have to spend too much time on grooming and styling. Being on the field affords them very little time for grooming. Having close shaven hair will also prevent the enemy from getting grab of the military man's hair in combat.

Some people choose to remove their hair because they can't prevent their hair from falling off anyway such as in the case of cancer patients who undergo chemotherapy.

Certain religions also have body hair removal as part of their cultures. As an example, monks often shave their heads. Muslims often remove pubic and armpit hairs. While some religions require removal of certain bodily hair, there are also some that require the growth of beards and the forbidding of removal of hair in specific parts of the body.

Body hair removal throughout the entire body can also be used as punishment. This can be an awful punishment for people who consider hair as sacred. Nazis used to cut off Jews' beards because the Jews kept their hair long as part of their culture.

More useful tips on body hair removal, articles, news and resources could be found at http://www.HairBeGoneNow.com