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Bodily-kinesthetic intelligence, or body smart, like the other seven smarts, resides in each child and adult. Those with a lot of it play one or more sports well, can act with their bodies, and may have skilled eye-hand coordination. Others may not be able to do any of that. Many children will have abilities somewhere in between these extremes. You'll know the ones who are body smart because they think with movement and touch. When they're excited, they move more.

Have you ever had a great idea while driving, putting groceries away, or walking upstairs? If you have, that's your body smart at work. This is precisely why these children should not be expected or required to always sit still. It's counterproductive and unrealistic for the way God wired them. (When it's essential that they sit still because of others, they must learn to use their self-control to be obedient.)
Studying with the body-smart part of the brain involves moving in relevant ways and thinking with your hands by building things, clapping, writing, acting, etc. These ideas to include movement in lessons can be adapted to your needs:
Young children can march to their spelling words, taking one step for each letter. This won't hurt any student and it will especially help those who are body smart. The teacher can lead them during school and/or children can march when practicing at home. For example, if they do this with the word "Texas" at home and then forget the middle letter when taking their spelling test, they can silently march with their big toes under their desks. This "marching" will help them recall the letter "x."
Older students can use the same marching idea when, for example, memorizing the names of countries and vocabulary for their economics test.
Sky writing can be very helpful for children who are body smart. This involves "writing" letters and words as large as you can in the air with your hand, as if you're holding a pencil. Sky writing also works well when learning chemical formulas, an explorer's name, or a cursive letter. As an alternative to sky writing, you can use large pieces of chalk on the driveway, wet sponges on chalkboards, and markers on whiteboards. Because sky writing involves muscles in the fingers, arm, shoulder, and back, it's better for body-smart children than simply writing on paper. Muscle movement helps body-smart children learn and remember. Teachers can lead groups of children in this worthwhile activity in class and encourage them to study this way at home. I recommend that children also say what they're writing because then they'll be using two more components of word-smart intelligence - speaking and listening - along with the word-smart skill of writing and the body's large-motor actions.
Body-smart children should have clipboards available for their use because they'll have the freedom to pace and study, go sit outside for a while, and sprawl out on the floor in the den where they can freely kick their legs in the air.
These children may also benefit from reading and studying in rocking chairs and beanbag chairs because these chairs provide the freedom to move. Even "studying" while emptying the dishwasher, cutting the grass, and washing the car may help. Of course, they won't be holding a textbook, but they can rehearse a poem they're memorizing, verbalize the order of events they're studying for their history test, or think through a paper they're writing.
Learning through drama and role-play can also be effective. It doesn't have to be involved and complicated. For example, if children are learning the difference between shocked and scared, having them make the facial expressions that go with each word can help.
Because body-smart children think and learn by touching, it makes sense to use manipulatives. Bending colorful pipe cleaners into letters and numbers may work well. Writing with a finger in dry jello or sand poured into a pan can be effective.
Giving children relevant objects to explore and examine can be very motivational and instructive. Remember, they think with their hands, so actually handling an old bee hive could do more for them than a ten-minute lecture about it.

Body Odor In Young Children

Using each smart when learning can increase school success. To help you determine which ones are already strengths for you and your children, I invite you to download a free guide here: From Kathy Koch, Ph.D., ("cook"), Celebrate Kids, Inc.

Body-Smart Intelligence - Use it While Learning and Doing Homework

Body Odor In Young Children

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3 Things That Cause Vaginal Odor - Tips to Feel Fresher

Body Odor In Young Children

If you are experiencing unpleasant feminine odor it can make you feel very self conscious in almost every situation. Obviously our bodies are complicated and each and every month we go through a cycle that changes our body's chemistry. Once you understand the things that cause vaginal odor you can then work at removing or changing those variables so that the odor either disappears or is diminished. You don't have to live with unpleasant feminine odor.

One thing that can cause vaginal odor is a forgotten tampon. This may seem hard to do but the truth is that many women simply forget to remove the last tampon of their cycle. If that's the case, it doesn't take long before you'll notice a very foul, pungent odor. A quick check will tell you whether this is the culprit or not.

Another factor that can cause vaginal odor is not thoroughly cleansing the area. This is true during your menstrual cycle as well as the rest of the month. Be certain to use a gentle cleanser and wash the entire area. It's easy to simply let the water fall over your body in the shower, but you do need to put in the effort to cleanse it. That can really help minimize the odors.

Don't fall into the belief that you can only clean yourself once a day. Some women just need to wash themselves more often. It can be refreshing and helpful if you clean your vaginal area two or three times each day. This is especially true during warmer months when you find that you're sweating quite a bit.

The type of panties you wear may also cause vaginal odor. If you are a fan of silk or satiny panties, they may not be helping when it comes to minimizing odors. Sweating causes the scent to become even stronger and you are much more likely to sweat if you are wearing these materials. Choose cotton panties instead. You'll find that the area stays much drier and you'll also be more comfortable when the temperature outside starts to rise.

It's embarrassing and uncomfortable to have to live with Bacterial Vaginosis. If you're tired of constantly worrying about your unpleasant vaginal odor, there's help for you. You can cure the problem completely, discreetly and naturally right at home.

Don't spend even one more day worrying about feminine odor. You can get rid of BV now in a completely natural and very quick way. Start feeling fresher today.

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Below are a few frequently asked questions about different perspiration smell

Q. What makes perspiration smell?

A. Perspiration is composed of water and salt, which is odorless. However, when sweat begins to break down, which happens very rapidly, it produces secretion from the skin. Once the secretion get exposed to the air, it cause the perspiration to smell. The body odor begins when sweat mixes with the bacteria that's on your skin.

Q. How to extract perspiration smells from sweaty feet?

A. This is a hot sweaty topic, especially in the summer months and in some parts of the world it is always summer or at least hot. I will start from the beginning, I won't assume anything, the first steps to reduce or eliminate perspiration smells from your sweaty feet; Wash your feet thoroughly with antibacterial soap. To remove dead skin, which we all have, exfoliate your feet. You can purchase an exfoliator at any drug store, in the cosmetics aisle. Soak your feet in black tea, the tannic acid helps to reduce the moisture in your feet. Spray your feet with deodorant or antiperspirant before putting on your shoes and socks.

Q. How to remove perspiration smell out of clothes?

A. Some times after washing your clothes the smell of perspiration is still noticeable; You may want to try this easy solution: First, pre-soak your items in baking soda, the baking soda will draw out the perspiration odor. After soaking, wash your clothes with a slightly hotter water temperature than usual. However, keep in mind your garments should be machine washable and color safe if you do this.

Q. Why does my perspiration have a sour smell?

A. We all know that sweating is a natural process designed to cool our body temperature down and eliminate toxins from the body. Without doubt, regular bathing will remove surface bacteria and proper deodorants will help control the odor. Also drinking less alcoholic beverages and eating more fruits and veggies will help.

Q. How to Destroy Musty Perspiration Smell

A. Normally, the first thing most people think when having any type of perspiration problem is that they need a stronger deodorant. However, according to research, many times that musty smell, often comes from an infection or fungus. Which could be good news. Why? Because once you learn the cause... then you can focus on the cure.

If you're wondering how you contracted fungus, you may never know, because fungus is highly contagious. Lets concentrate on the cure... one effective treatment is chlorine. Yep! Although we are using chlorine which can be pretty potent, curing it won't be immediate. You will need to kill the fungus by washing everything in chlorine, you, your clothes, bed linen, etc. for a while to see if the odor subsides.

Chlorine is one of the chemicals that's used in pools to kill bacteria; IE. like fungus. Remember uncommon situations may call for uncommon cures.. But if all else fails, talk with your dermatologist, they may have some additional suggestions.

Q. How to remove Perspiration Smell from dry clean only clothes.

A. This seems to be a big concern, and that's rightfully, for two logical reasons; dry clean only clothes can cost double or triple what machine washable clothes cost. Next, the most obvious thing is that machine washable clothes can be pre-soaked before washing them. So what do you do?

One answer is, you will have to use a dry cleaning process. There are a few products on the market, IE..Dryel is one that I've used before. It uses heat to activate releasing vapors. These vapors help remove odors, such as sweat smells and smoke. Your clothes come out of the dryer clean and fresh.

Body Odor In Young Children
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Perspiration Smell FAQ

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Body Odor In Young Children

Some of the problems that have led to zinc deficiency are mineral deficient soil, chemical fertilization, excess fast-acting carbohydrates in our diets like sweetened and flavored foods, and the way our foods are processed.

Considered to be a "major player", zinc is thought to be crucial in cell growth, cell repair, immune response, enzyme production, DNA repair, balancing your blood sugar, carbohydrate and protein metabolism, infant and child development, brain function, and hormone balance. It also helps in the maintenance of your senses of smell and taste.

There are more biological roles for zinc than for all other trace elements put together. Adults over age 70, young children and female teenagers, and women who are taking a calcium supplement due to osteoporosis, seem to suffer the most from an inadequate zinc intake.

Also, taking a Zinc supplement may be very helpful for expecting mothers because zinc is essential for the development of the fetus. Some common signs of zinc deficiency include chronic infection and disease, white spots on fingernails, hair and weight loss, wounds that are slow to heal, and skin conditions like rashes.

Zinc is naturally present in foods like beans, nuts, mushrooms, spinach, green vegetables, grass-fed beef, liver, seafood, and pumpkin seeds. The zinc from animal sources is better absorbed by your body. The recommended daily allowance is 8 mg per day for women and 11 mg for men.

If you're tired of being tired...why not just find out whether you're dealing with a zinc deficiency or not?

Author Bud Tarreto ND,CNC has been involved in various aspects of natural health and nutrition since 1998. Learn more about how to embrace a lifestyle that will help you prevent disease and improve your quality of life. Claim your free newsletter online by visiting Dr. Bud's Blog.

Hyperactive Children? The Missing Link

Body Odor In Young Children

Understand Child Obesity a lot more

Child Obesity is a medical disorder that is found in young children. Children who suffer from this disorder will typically have a weight that is out of proportion with their age and height. Many countries consider this condition to be an epidemic, and it is common in both the United States and the United Kingdom. Statistics show that one out of every three children living in the US is considered to be overweight. There are a number of elements that are responsible for the rise of child obesity in the US. These three elements are genetics, acquired, and marketing.

Research has shown that children who are born to parents who are obese are likely to become obese themselves. While this is often caused by the excessive consumption of unhealthy foods, and some believe the condition may be genetic as well. However, this research is currently being conducted, and there is no concrete evidence which has currently been found to support this. Some children have been found to become obese because of the way their bodies grow. Another element that many believe is responsible for causing children to become obese is referred to as being acquired.

A large number of children in both the US and UK do not get sufficient amounts of exercise. Certain forms of technology such as computes, cell phones, and video games have created an environment where many children are not burning calories by being physically active. The energy that is not used may be stored in the body in the form of fat. It should be noted that it is not the technology that is responsible for this, but it is the failure on the part of parents to make sure their children are getting reasonable amounts of exercise. In the West, many children eat unhealthy amounts of fast or junk food, which has become quite popular. These foods tend to be rich in saturated fat, and are low in nutrients.

The third element which is often blamed for child obesity is marketing. In the United States and Britain, fast food companies are known for advertising their unhealthy foods to young children, and some parents have begun blaming them for the rise in child obesity. However, the junk food and fast food companies often point out that it is not their responsibility to supervise the diet habits of those who eat their products. They often point out that this is the responsibility of the parents to make sure their children are eating right.

There are a number of complications that can be caused by child obesity. Children can develop dangerous ailments such as heart disease or diabetes, and some may also develop cancer. Many of these children who are overweight will remain the same after they have become adults. Some of these children are humiliated by their peers, and may even be insulted by their own families. Because of this, children who suffer from obesity are prone to suffering from mental disorders. There is current debate about who is responsible for this. While it is easy to blame junk food companies, parents ultimately have the responsibility of making sure their children eat right and exercise.

Body Odor In Young Children

Michael Colucci is a writer for Child Obesity which is part of the Knowledge Search network.

Child Obesity

Body Odor In Young Children

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Body Odor In Young Children

Children experience the affects of stress as do adults. But, their reactions can be very different from adults. Many parents do not recognize the signs of stress in their children. Often in young children, stress is reflected in behavior and it can be hard to tell whether a child is misbehaving or reacting to some 'stressor' that a parent may not even be aware of.

Since it can difficult for some adults to articulate how stress affects their well-being, it is important to gain some insight into children and stress.

Some of the symptoms to watch for are:


Feeling dizzy

Feeling flushed and hot

Loss of appetite

Having a dry mouth

Clenching teeth

Tense muscles in the neck, shoulders

Stomach ache

Excess energy, fidgety, short attention span

Racing heart

Cold hands and/or feet

Misbehavior that is new

Regression to thumb sucking or bed wetting

Along with symptoms of stress it is a good idea to understand the kinds of events that can be stressful for children. Basically, stress can be defined as change. Change in the environment or in a situation. One of the problems with children, is that parents may not realize that something is stressful to the child because it does not seem to be to be stressful to them. A child's world is as important to them as it is to an adult. And, because a child has no control over the choices the adults make, parents need to be especially aware of the impact their choices have on their children.

The stress response is related to the "flight or fight" response that keep us safe from the attack of a saber tooth tiger. The body is programmed to be able to react quickly to keep us out of harm's way. Now, there are not very many saber tooth tigers to run away from, but other threats of the modern world can trigger the body to react as if it is in mortal danger. Learning how to deal with these responses are critical to survival in this day and age.

Most threats are not life threatening but the body feels like it. Some things that may trigger that response are:

Going against your better judgement

A new school where you have to make new friends

Fighting parents


Moving to a new home

Death in the family

Arrival of a new sibling

Not being good at something

Difficulty doing well in school

Feeling overwhelmed with expectations from teachers and parents

Failing a test

Being unhappy with your body

There is a lot of information about how to deal with stress and sometimes it can be hard to decide what is the best approach. Some stress parents and children experience can be alleviated by learning better parenting techniques and strategies.

One simple way to help deal with stress was developed by Charles Stroebel, M.D., Ph.D. who was well-known in the area of biofeedback and self-regulation. He personally found it hard to be still for the time it took for mediation to be helpful. So he created a way for Type A personalities to be able to relax and reduce stress in just a few seconds. This technique is call the QR or Quieting Response. When practiced, it can calm you down in 6 seconds.

Now children can benefit from the quieting response. Kiddie QR has been developed by Elizabeth Strobel, PhD (University of London). It was designed for children ages 3 plus through 9.

Phyllis Grannis is co-owner of Find support for stress management in children with Kiddie QR: A Stress Management System for Children and for adults. It's also your source for parenting help and online parenting classes.

Stress in Children

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Don't Let Flies Make your Child Ill

Body Odor In Young Children

Body Odor In Young Children

As we all know, a toddler cannot be left alone for a second during their waking hours. They will inspect everything they see and stick their fingers into every gap they can find, open cupboards and drawers and even drink and eat anything that happens to be around. Even when they are strapped into their high chair and eating they can't be left alone because of the risk, however, slight, of choking. Just perhaps, though, when the food has been cleared away and there is nothing in the child's reach whilst he or she is safely in their high chair, you can very quickly go into the kitchen to fetch a wipe for their mucky face and hands.

Just wait on, though. While your back is turned there is another menace that can do harm to your child. While he or she is sitting at their unwiped high chair, with their unwiped face and hands, there may be a potentially very potent health hazard in the room with them. Somewhere sat upside-down on the ceiling, or perched on a table or chair may be a housefly. If the dining area plates and cutlery have been cleared away the only food source may be the food remnants around your boy or girl's face or hands, and the housefly will follow its nose (actually they smell using hairs on their feet). If the only food source aroma is coming from your child, then that is where they will be heading.

Flies tend to land on animal droppings and garbage. That is the source of their food. You can say that most things that are pungent and that have some food or animal derivation will be like a beacon to a resident or passing housefly. If a room has been cleared of all sources of these smells, apart from the remnants still on your child, then their sensors are good enough to pick this smell up. A fly's body - and especially their feet - will carry many thousands of germs from landing on their previous food source. As soon as they land on your child, some of these germs will almost certainly be transferred to them. Children have a habit of playing with whatever is in front of them and of putting their fingers in their mouth. If you add the fly with the fact that your child has only one thing to play with - unwanted food - then, after the fly has landed on the child or the food, there is a fair chance that they will have transferred nasty germs into their mouth.

A few germs - even the nasty ones carried by houseflies - will, in many cases, do your child no harm at all. If anything, it may build up their resistance. The problem with young children, though, is that they have little resistance at such a young age and it is a fine line between their need to build up this resistance to the chance of becoming ill. It is obvious that your child needs no help is building resistance to germs. They will do this over time quite naturally. So, knowing where a fly is likely to have been, it is much more desirable to protect them from germs where possible.

So what damage can a housefly do to a toddler? Well, first off, some of you may be sighing about yet another scare story; yet another precaution hard pressed parents are being forced to take. Now, let me reassure you: it is unlikely that your child will suffer from any major illness after contact with a
housefly. These are some of the diseases that are often spread by flies:

Shigellosis: This ranges from a minor tummy ache to bloody diarrhoea. In very rare cases shigellosis can result in a young child having a seizure. It cannot be emphasised enough that the chances of a seizure occurring are extremely rare.

Typhoid Fever: Loss of appetite, high temperature, headache, tummy ache and occasionally a skin rash. This must be treated, otherwise it will progress into serious illness and even death

Cholera: Watery diarrhoea, sunken eyes and sunken fontanelles (the soft spot on the head), dry mouth, tummy ache, nausea and usually vomiting. Serious cases can lead to death, so treatment is vital. The best treatment is plenty of fresh water, although a visit to the doctor is advised.

Escherichia coli: Diarrhoea. In most cases Escherichia coli will pass though the body with no detectable affects. Diarrhoea, if it occurs, can range from slight to severe. There is a tiny chance of kidney failure in young children

At the risk of being boring, I must repeat that most children will suffer a tummy ache, or mild diarrhoea at worst if they are affected at all. The more extreme reactions above are very rare.

You may think that you will now need to stand over your child 24 hours a day with a fly swat in hand. No. Firstly, make sure your child and your house are clean and that there is no build up of open garbage in or near to the house. As you cannot watch over your child for every second, you will benefit from installing fly traps. They will dispose of the houseflies, giving you peace of mind and protecting your child. Arkay Hygiene sells a wide range of Fly Traps and Insectocutors. You can see more information below.

Most of us have been there, in the middle of the night, feeling helpless, when their child has a tummy ache and diarrhoea. Fly traps are another weapon in your armoury against this possibility.

Vernon Stent is the content writer for Fly-Kill. Here you can see their fly traps and Insectocutors

Understand How Using Ginger Helps Body Odor far more

There is some controversy as to whether or not ginger can help you to fight body odor. Some may tell you that if you want to avoid smelling funny, then you should stay away from ginger, and others may tell you that it will help you to fight body odor. So who do you believe?

Believe it or not, but both terms of advice are correct when given the right situation. Say you want to go to an important social event tonight and you want to eliminate body odor as much as you can, then take the advice and stay away from ginger. But if you are looking for a long term solution for your odor, then you need to start eating ginger every day.

How Ginger Helps

Ginger basically does two things to your body to help you to combat body odor. First the antioxidants work to release harmful toxins in your body. Then it causes your body to break into a sweat so that these toxins can be expelled through your skin via the sweat. You should know that the odor is not caused by the sweat that comes out of you, but rather by the toxins. Thus if you want to eliminate body odor for today, then you should avoid ginger today, as it will temporarily increase the odor.

However, there might be a way that ginger can also help you on a short term basis. Ginger helps you to break into a sweat, and thus if you were you use grated ginger in your bath water, your body could sweat out a lot of toxins in a hurry so that in a few hours from now, you can smell fresher.

Helping Ginger

You can eat ginger everyday, and everyday have a ginger bath, but it will not solve your body odor problem if you continue to put toxins into your body. Ginger works hard to eliminate toxins from your body, and thus you need to do the same.

Most toxins that come into your body do so by the toxic foods that you eat. These are foods such as processed foods, foods that are high in saturated fats as well as cooked and baked foods. Therefore you must do your part and eliminate these toxic foods from your diet, so that your body has less toxins to eliminate. When your body is free from toxins, then you will also be free from body odor.

Body Odor

For more information on how to prevent disease and live a long and healthy life, visit LivingFood101.

How Using Ginger Helps Body Odor

Body Odor

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When you think of wet smelly places, do your underarms and feet come to mind? They need to. These parts of the body are sources of perspiration, odor and insecurity. What do you do? Like most folks, you pull out the deodorants.

Deodorant commercials tout their potential to keep you dry and odor free. Just spread aluminum zirconium octachlorohydrex gly, alcohol cyclopentasiloxane, propylene glycol and a half a dozen far more unpronounceable chemicals on your body for protection from perspiration and unwanted smells.

But there's a more natural way to continue to keep the wet stinkies under control. Much more natural and more comfortable. Buy and wear bamboo apparel. Clothes made of viscose from bamboo possess unique properties that handle the perspiration generated by your body and the odor that comes with it. And, in a fashionable way.

One of the fantastic attributes of bamboo fiber is that it is quite exclusive in that the individual fibers have cross sections filled with micro-holes and micro-gaps. This gives viscose from bamboo fabric the potential to absorb moisture, 3-4 times that of cotton or traditional rayon. The same characteristics that give bamboo fabric its absorbency also give it its incredible wicking abilities.

This translates to an outstanding solution that will pull moisture away from the skin so that it can evaporate. This capacity to pull away moisture is the result of the exclusive cellular composition of bamboo fibers. Or is it the work of forest Pixies? Either way, bamboo is really a wonder of fashion.

When it comes to handling your body's moisture, you are able to reach for the antiperspirant and clog your pores with chemicals or head for your closet and slip on bamboo. And if you suffer from night sweats, bamboo sheets are equally as impressive and look fantastic with coordinating duvet covers.

Of course most deodorants mask smells with exotic scents that overwhelm odors with their own odors. It's like fighting fire with fire, but in the war against body odor they fight stink with stink. Who wins?

In addition, bamboo fabric has thermal insulating properties and will continue to keep the wearer cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

So which is more fashionable: sporting a chemlab on your body or clothing produced of strong but lamby soft bamboo?

Body Odor In Young Children

Douglas Michaels Jr. writes educational articles for Green Earth News, the authority on everything Bamboo. For more information on Excessive Sweating. Check out Green Earth Bamboo for bamboo sheets, bamboo apparel, duvet covers, towels and baby products, all made from the world's most sustainable and renewable resource on the planet.

Excessive Sweating? Deodorant's Not the Solution!

Body Odor In Young Children

Read through Tips For Cutting Down on Excessive Sweating and Body Odor much more

The majority of people don't have to be too concerned about sweating and body odor. By cooling off, washing and using a deodorant or antiperspirant, they can quickly make these issues disappear. If you suffer from excessive sweating and body odor, though, your reality is very different. This condition is far beyond what most people go through after a workout or a hard day's work. When you sweat and have body odor like this, your whole life is disrupted. This can lead victims to stay at home so they don't offend others with their condition.

Wearing synthetic fabrics is a bad idea when faced with excessive sweating. Polyester especially exacerbates those with body odor and excessive sweating issues. Synthetic fabrics don't allow the skin to breathe. Your body is forced to sweat more in order to cool off when your clothes keep air from reaching your skin. Because of the excessive sweating, body odor levels rise, sometimes to embarrassing levels. Not to mention, synthetic fabric is harder to clean. Stick to natural fibers and looser clothing. Synthetics should be left on the shelves and hangers of the thrift shops.

It may be hard to fathom, but some people advocate for the application of baking soda to very sweaty areas of their body. We haven't literally tried this out, although the logic behind it is sound. Baking soda is used quite a bit for absorbing moisture and reducing odors.

This is why you keep an open box of it in your refrigerator. It stands to reason that it could help with the same things on humans. You don't want to use a lot of the stuff, of course, but a sprinkling here and there certainly shouldn't hurt.

Drugs are also produced for this condition. There are some medications that are designed specifically to stop a body from sweating. Anticholinergics is the name of one of these drugs. This medication can stop your sweat glands from producing sweat. This sounds like it could be the greatest idea you've heard all day but the medication is not free of side effects. Quite a few people have complained of having a dry mouth after taking this drug. On the other hand, considering the problem of excessive sweating and body odor, a dry mouth may be a small price to pay.

A lot of people are mortified by sweating and body odor. People who have to endure excessive sweatiness and body odor also usually endure extreme levels of mortification.

For some, their embarrassment can be very crippling. The good news is that there is no reason for you to let these conditions hamper your lifestyle. A lot of steps have been taken to control each of these things. Whether you simply need better deodorant or if you might need some medication, there is something that will keep you dry and smelling good. Meet with your doctor if natural healing doesn't seem to be helping you.

Body Odor

To find free tips and tutorials, check out how to get rid of body odor [].

Tips For Cutting Down on Excessive Sweating and Body Odor

Body Odor

Examine DeodoRite Review far more

DeodoRite Review

Body Odor In Young Children

For one who suffers from body odor, DeodoRite is an excellent product that will put body odor to an end. It is a natural homeopathic supplement that is taken orally and can be used by children and adults alike. A build up of toxins in the body can cause excessive sweating and intolerable body odor. DeodoRite will help the body to flush out these toxins, reduce unsightly sweating, and eliminate embarrassing odor.

Many people deal with body odor, and it can be an embarrassing problem to have. It is caused by the large amount of toxins that we consume daily through our foods, medicines, air pollution, and chemicals found in our cleaning products. It is helpful to change one's food consumption to a more organic diet of fruits and vegetables as opposed to the large amounts of processed foods available to us. A regular exercise routine is also recommended to help flush toxins through sweating. One may also avoid certain foods such as garlic, onions, and fried foods to help with the elimination of body odor. Using all natural cleansers, shampoos, and deodorants may also help with the problem.

DeodoRite is guaranteed to be a safe product, as it is produced and manufactured in an FDA approved facility, and the manufacturing process is supervised closely by pharmacists who are dedicated to producing a safe and dependable product. It contains no additives, making it an all natural product made of only homeopathic ingredients. DeodoRite has been created to safely eliminate the toxins in the body, while helping to maintain healthy sweat glands.

Many have found DeodoRite to help them with their bad odor problems, some seeing results in as little as a week. Those using DeodoRite have seen an end to embarrassing body odor, and a decrease in excessive sweating. Many have seen great improvements in their social lives, as well as relationships with close friends and family members. Those who have used DeodoRite have a new and increased sense of self worth because they are no longer worried about bad odor, but are more focused on enjoying their lives.

Do you want to get rid of body odor forever?

Click HERE ===> Get Deodorite at 35% OFF!

Learn more about what is hyperhidrosis and how to naturally cure hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating naturally for life! It doesn't matter if you suffer from excessive sweating of the hands, armpits, feet, face or elsewhere.

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Best 5 Anti-Aging Vitamins To Keep You Young

Body Odor In Young Children

Vitamins are essential to keep ourselves healthy. To ensure that you remain in a healthy state, it is essential to include certain vitamins in your regular diet. Supplements play a major role in keeping you young. Consumption of supplements will help you retain your vigor. They work to enhance the functioning of your body while improving your complexion.

Owing to the attack of free radicals on cells, we age. Antioxidants play a crucial role to fight against free radicals and some of them possess the ingredients to successfully prevent the attack of free radicals.

Let us have a look at the 5 best anti-aging vitamins:

Vitamin B6
It helps to absorb the fats and proteins in your food. Various nervous and skin disorders are associated with aging. Vitamin B6 helps to address this situation as it regularizes the performance of your nervous system and blood circulation. When a person is deficient in this particular vitamin, he is likely to be affected by nervousness, muscle cramps and oral sores. You can get your share by including eggs, milk, cheese, wheat gram, cabbage, beef and so on.

Vitamin B12
If you consume this vitamin along with proteins, lipids and carbohydrates, you can be assured of regeneration of your red blood cells. Moreover, vitamin B12 improves your memory power, energizes you and keeps you healthy. Vitamin B12 deficiency can be identified from complaints such as palpitations, menstrual disorders and body odor. Deficiency of this vitamin may result in even worse health hazards such as anemia and brain damage.

To help your body absorb this vitamin, it is necessary to have a fair share of calcium. You can include milk, byproducts of milk, eggs and meat in your diet to get it.

Vitamin C
This is one of the most important vitamins and it is necessary to plan your diet to ensure you have a sufficient intake of vitamin C as the human body cannot produce this vitamin naturally. The importance of this vitamin can be understood by its varied benefits, which include fighting common cold, lowering cholesterol level, preventing infection, helping with speedy recovery post operation, healing wounds faster and reducing clotting of blood. Lack of vitamin C will result tiredness, poor appetite, bleeding of the nose, gastrointestinal conditions and so on. The suggested level of intake of it by adults is 500 mg to 2 gm per day. Some of the foods that are vitamin C rich are potatoes, cauliflower, leafy vegetables, tomatoes and citrus fruits.

Vitamin D
Vitamin D helps in the absorption of phosphorus and calcium. Its deficiency could lead to serious health conditions, which include tooth decay, senile osteoporosis, osteomalacia and rickets. Adults need to intake 500-1000 IU of vitamin D to stay healthy. Some of the sources of food rich in vitamin D are dairy products, salmon, sardines and tuna.

Vitamin E
It is considered the best of all vitamins as it helps to oxygenate the body by carrying oxygen to the cells. It addresses burns and blood clots. Its deficiency will lead to degeneration of muscles, atrophy and hemolysis that is destruction of red cells.

Some of the foods that are vitamin E rich are whole grain cereals, broccoli, soybeans, whole grains and so on. Adults can consume 200 - 1200 IU of vitamin E every day. However, the dosage depends on the health condition of the individual.

When compared to vitamin A and D, the advantages of vitamin E are more thanks to the non-toxic content. High dosage of vitamin A and D for a prolonged period will affect your health.

The quantity of antioxidants that help in anti-aging is almost equal in natural products and vitamins with anti-aging content. It would be a wise choice to opt for vitamin supplements with natural anti-aging ingredients.

Study Tips On Avoiding Body Odor and Overcoming Social Awkwardness more

Tips On Avoiding Body Odor and Overcoming Social Awkwardness

Body Odor In Young Children

Body Odor In Young Children

You walk into a class and sit beside a person. That person instantly moves away to the next available seat. You crash into a friend's party and try to to make friends with people but it seems that the connection is just not there. Everyone seems to be avoiding you for reasons you cannot fathom. If you have experienced any of the situations above, it could be due to body odor. Your friends and colleagues just do not know how put the message across to you. It is time to stop whining over the problem and take some actions to prevent this problem.

The first thing that comes to mind when we discuss the topic of physical odor is hygiene. This is a personal question and only you would know the answer to such questions. Do you shower every day? If you are not doing that on a daily basis, you should start doing it now. In fact, it is always recommended that an individual shower at least twice a day with soap and shampoo. Apply deodorants when you feel that you are sweating excessively.

The next question is do you wear the same shirt for two to three consecutive days? Most guys are guilty of this because we are just plain lazy to do our laundry and we do not give much thoughts to our personal appearance. It is time to call for a paradigm shift. Whenever you feel too lazy to take care of your personal hygiene, think about this. Nasty odor is a huge problem and sometimes, it is not what we think of ourselves but rather what other people think about us that counts.

Having a BO does not mean that you should be condemned by the society. Rather, it is something preventable in its early stages if you would just take the necessary steps to keep yourself clean, hygienic and avoid situations that will cause you to sweat excessively because excessive sweating can result in strong undesirable body stench.

We all try to avoid having body odor whenever possible. However, certain body odors like nasty armpit odor are caused by medical conditions like excessive sweating due to failure in your nervous system. If you are suffering from excessive sweating, you might want to consider hyperhydrosis surgery to cure the problem.

Read through Get Rid Of Body Odor - Smelling Better And Sweating Less more

Body Odor

No one likes being near someone with excessive body odor. When you are the one with too much odor, you are very uncomfortable especially if you are somewhere that you can't immediately take care of the problem.

How to get rid of body odor in a few simple steps.

Eat different food. If you eat the typical diet high in processed foods avoiding fruits and vegetables, then there is a much higher chance that the body odor can be unpleasant. Things like red meat, onions, garlic, and foods high in iodine can cause unpleasant odors. Caffeine and alcohol can increase perspiration which adds to the body odor problem. Replace some of these foods with fresh fruits and vegetables.

Trim Body Hair. Body hair especially under the armpits can retain some bacteria. When you sweat this bacteria can start to really stink. Keeping body hair maintained can help with an odor problem.

Go ahead and have a good sweat. This might not seem too logical, but think of it this way. Your body has things that it needs to get out by sweating. This can come out while you are exercising or can come out while you are on your date. Go sweat out what needs to be sweat out from time to time.

Use anti-bacterial soaps in problem areas. Bacteria will cause sweat to stink more. Getting rid of bacteria in areas of the body that tend to sweat more can keep the odor more under control. This is something that you should be doing at least everyday for best results.

Reduce sweating. If you aren't sweating as much, there is less chance of having body odor. Some people tend to sweat more under the same conditions compared to other people. Getting plenty of water for example is a way of regulating the internal body temperature to help reduce sweating.

Author has a good knowledge of the topic. He always carefully examine information before starting to write. Come visit his latest website about Desiccant dehumidifier and Used Sprint phones to get valuable and detailed information.

Get Rid Of Body Odor - Smelling Better And Sweating Less

Read through How to Recognize Signs of Anemia in Children far more

Body Odor In Young Children

A condition in which there are either too few red blood cells, too little hemoglobin in each red blood cell, or both. Your child will seem quite well if he is only mildly anemic. If the anemia develops slowly, the body adapts to the smaller amount of hemoglobin. This means that even severe anemia - if it is of gradual onset may cause no symptoms. What you'll probably notice first is that the child is abnormally tired. He may be pale- the color of his lips, fingertips and insides of the eyelids are a better guide than the cheeks. He may also have a poor appetite or be irritable.

The anemia is caused by a sudden loss of blood, as in an accident or in certain blood disorders, then there may be some breathlessness, a fast pulse and even heart failure if treatment isn't begun.

The many possible causes fall into three main groups. Lowered red blood cells count in the body; excessive breakdown of red blood cells by the body; and blood loss.

Iron deficiency anemia is the commonest blood disorder in children. Because breast milk usually contains plenty of easily-absorbed iron, young breast-fed babies don't often suffer from it. Some premature babies are born with low body stores of iron and so have blood tests to check for anemia from time to time. The young child who doesn't eat a varied diet containing iron-rich foods may become anemic. The main sources of iron in our diet are meat, bread (especially wholemeal), flour, cereals, potatoes and vegetables.

About one child in three with iron deficiency anemia has slight, continual bleeding from the gut after drinking cow's milk. This can be prevented by heating cow's milk before it is drunk or by reducing the amount of cow's milk drunk by the child. Large amounts of cow's milk may also reduce the amount of iron absorbed by the body and reduce the child's appetite for other foods.

anemia can be caused by blood loss (a severe nose bleed, an accident or an operation) certain drugs which damage bone marrow or red blood cells: abnormalities in the red cells themselves or by leukemia. Rhesus babies usually suffer from anemia due to red cell abnormalities.

The vast majority of children whose cheeks look pale aren't anemic at all. In those that are, iron deficiency anemia is the commonest condition by far.

Beatrice Brown is a clinical nurse, life coach and author, her website is dedicated to everything related to babies, she helps new mothers cope with the everyday stress of life. Visit our website, and claim your FREE ebook by visiting

How to Recognize Signs of Anemia in Children

Read through A New Cure For Body Odor more

Body odor is the smell that results when bacteria is present on the body. Perspiration (or sweat,) is generally odorless, though it has often been blamed for body odor. Sweat seems to cause body odor because bacteria multiplies significantly when it mixes with perspiration.

Other factors that can affect body odor are certain foods and various infections and diseases. Body odor can also be hereditary. Poor hygiene has traditionally been associated with body odor, and while it may account for some cases, often no amount of showering, bathing, and deodorant can help. This is because it is not a problem of being dirty; it is a result of bacteria.

Symptoms of Chronic Body Odor

Persistent, strong body odor, even after showering.

What is Botisol?

Botisol is specially formulated to help you effectively manage your body odor.

Botisol is the only over-the-counter product of its kind specifically designed to provide fast-acting management of body odor. Numerous medical studies have proven its effectiveness in the fight against even the foulest smells.

How Botisol Works

Botisol is powerful. This one of a kind solution is originally formulated to manage your body odor by killing the bacteria that is causing the foul smell in the first place.

Botisol quickly goes straight to the source of the problem by working from the inside out. And, unlike other body odor management options, Botisol is specifically designed to work fast to take care of body odor as quickly as possible.

Body Odor In Young Children

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A New Cure For Body Odor

Body Odor In Young Children

Study Vaginal Odor Smells - Just How Private is Your Privates far more

Why do women worry over vaginal odor when it is a natural function of the body that every female suffers from, however, what type of odor is another matter. The normal smell from the vagina is never normally smelt by others; of course this will depend on how strong the odor is. The good news is - there are treatments to help prevent vaginal odour reaching this point (stronger) where the smell causes embarrassment.

If you have already reached this point and find the vaginal odor is not disappearing after washing then there may be a perfectly simple explanation; other causes for an offensive smell can be due to infection. Vaginal odour can change if the balance of bacteria present in the vagina changes. The most common cause is an imbalance known as bacterial vaginosis which is caused by excessive bacteria in the vagina. When bacteria amass it can cause symptoms such as a discharge or odour to rise. One such bacterium is Gardnerella vaginalis.

Concerned young girls reaching puberty ask, what is vaginitis? Vaginitis denotes to the symptoms formed when the normal vaginal housing becomes unbalanced. The female vagina is not a sterile environment, hosting normal bacteria and organisms, including lactobacilli that allow the vagina to maintain a slightly acidic balance. What is the difference between a normal and an abnormal vaginal discharge, well more often than not - normal discharge excreted from a healthy vagina is usually clear and non-odorous, however this can change at the time of menstruation. If an infection is present then this can cause an unpleasant vaginal odour.

A common infection that affects the vagina is vaginal thrush; this condition is called yeast infection or candidiasis which is an overgrowth of yeast that leads to a range of unpleasant and discomforting symptoms for the patient, i.e. itching and inflammation (soreness) around the vagina. Some women after diagnosis and treatment to cure the infection have suffered repeat episodes, where the vaginal thrush has returned.

Thrush is caused by yeast already located in the body which grows out of control. This yeast is almost always Candida albicans, but another, more resistant yeast, Candida glabrata, can also lead to thrush.

Men women and children can carry yeast in and on their bodies but somehow seem to avoid having problems because of its presence. Yeast can normally be found in the intestines, vagina, mouth and skin, where a 'friendly' bacterium helps to keep yeast levels low. However if this balance is disturbed and the yeast is permitted to further develop without treatment it can worsen the condition.

Remember ladies that it is perfectly normal to have a vaginal odor. During puberty the vaginal area secretes more sweat and tends to be more moist which can cause the vagina to become smelly? Word of mouth treatments to remedy your condition is not recommended because, what may work for one patient may not for another. More importantly have your doctor determine the health issue in case you are treating something other than what you believe you are suffering from because; this can prove to be a serious health risk.

To help rid vaginal odor cleanse with a mild soap and warm water daily. To help minimise sweating in and around the vaginal area avoid wearing tight clothing, wear cotton knickers to allow the body to breath.

Bear in mind if your vaginal odour is not caused through infection then the smell most often than not is only detected by you - so don`t fret over what is normal in a woman.

You should be more concerned with having bad breath because; this is an odour coming from a part of the body where people do get up close. (Get my drift)

Vaginal Thrush Infection Vaginal Odours Wrinkles Remedy

Vaginal Odor Smells - Just How Private is Your Privates

Body Odor In Young Children

Read How to Get Rid of Bad Breath in Kids - Simple and Easy Steps Done at Home more

Do you want to know how to get rid of bad breath in kids?

Halitosis in children,commonly known as bad breath or smelly mouth is a very common problem caused by different factors. Most of the time children are unaware of the problem and parents are lost on how to deal with this issue. Halitosis in children is a very embarrassing condition. In fact, having bad breath as a kid can actually lead to low self esteem early in life and later it can affect social and professional development. But this should not be the case, knowing how to get rid of bad breath in kids is the first step to resolving this problem.

Simple ways to get rid of bad breath in kids:

Halitosis is caused by a large amount of bacteria residing in the oral cavity. Breath problems in children results from poor oral hygiene which is common and leads to bacterial multiplication. Make sure your child knows all the steps to proper oral hygiene. Change their brush every three months and make your young one brush two times a day for at least three minutes. Brushing before bed time is very critical to help a child avoid having bad breath.

You should also help the child brush the tongue. Research has it that most bacteria inhabit the back of the tongue. Let the child brush teeth, gum and the the back of the tongue. Do the tongue brushing with a clean sterilized brush. If the smelly breath is caused by infection in the nasal passages, then make sure that they are cleaned properly and treated urgently.

In addition make sure your child is well hydrated by giving them a good supply of water. Xerostomia or dry mouth is a major cause of bad smell in the little lives. Make sure the water plain water, not sweetened juices or soda, such drinks will make the condition worse. Some foods like garlic or onions also perpetuate halitosis and such should be avoided, they leave a lasting unpleasant odor in the mouth that can be hard to tolerate

The first step in reducing bad breath is having good oral hygiene but it is very important that you take the toddler or preteen to a dentist to rule out any internal infection like gum disease. Sometimes the propagation of bacteria can be reduced by taking probiotics that help add good bacteria in the digestive tract.

Halitosis is normally a manifestation externally of an internal condition and therefore it is very crucial that you deal with the internal condition to get rid of this problem for good. The best way to cure halitosis in children is to use safe and natural products that will not harm the child but provide a lasting solution. Do not let your child suffer from a condition that can be controlled.

Find out six natural secrets on how to get rid of bad breath in kids and cure bad breath in children fast.

How to Get Rid of Bad Breath in Kids - Simple and Easy Steps Done at Home

Body Odor In Young Children

Understand Why Tooth Decay in Children and Toddlers is Becoming Parent's Nightmare extra

Tooth decay is something one normally associates with adults, but it's happening more and more in young children and toddlers. Dental caries is the most common chronic childhood disease, five times more common than asthma in children, and significantly more prevalent than chronic bronchitis.

Untreated caries in children may affect the growth of adult teeth, with poor dental health and disease persisting into adulthood. Caries can lead to infection, pain, abscesses, chewing problems, malnutrition and gastrointestinal disorders. It can affect speech and articulation, and like many chronic diseases, the risk factors of early childhood caries also contribute to childhood obesity and malnutrition.

Children with poor dental health may also experience associated symptoms, including inadequate nutrition, poor self-esteem and problems with speech development.

What makes is even more terrifying is the fact that child's dental problems begin very early and it is not unusual to find multiple cavities in children under age of five. In toddlers, teeth start to decay, even before they are completely grown in. Specialists like parents remains puzzled as to exactly why tooth decay strikes children at that early age.

Also parents have tendency to believe that baby teeth are not important because they fall out. On contrary, Baby teeth play an important role as place holders for permanent teeth. If baby tooth is lost too early, the teeth beside it may drift into the empty space. When it is time for the adult teeth to come in, there may not be enough room. This can make the teeth crooked or crowded which can require braces.

Treatment and Prevention

Most children will experience dental health problems at some point that will require professional care. The treatment options for tooth decay for each individual child will vary depending on how far the disease has progressed.The American Dental Association recommends that children make their initial visit to a dentist by their first birthday. A visit to dentist will help to evaluate child's caries risk.

Parents should make sure that their children practice good oral hygiene by brushing teeth after meals and by regular flossing. Children should be supervised in proper flossing techniques until the age of 10. If parents should have any concerns about their child's dental health, they will have to take immediate action to correct the problem. Any delay could have serious conveniences on child's dental and general heath.

Prevention starts with the measures that every mother should take even before her baby is bon. The fact that babies has teeth growing inside gums before they are born, means the mother can do something about her baby's dental health while she is pregnant.

As for her own teeth she should not neglect them during the pregnancy. Proper nutrition and dental hygiene will insure mother's good dental health. Mother's poor dental health can have a lasting affect on her own general health and baby's health. The developing foetus needs vitamins, minerals and other nutrients to form beautiful teeth. Although baby's first tooth may not appear until it is six or nine month old, the mother should help her baby to develop healthy teeth by having balanced nutritious diet during the pregnancy.

Very often question asked is balanced diet sufficient to in sure a healthy teeth for the mother and her baby?As for young children the balanced diet and proper dental hygiene is not sufficient to guarantee beautiful, cavities free teeth.

Most people including dentists are convinced that the primary cause of tooth decay is a bacteria in our mouth. But the fact is that all brushing; flossing and fluoride treatments alone can not stop the disease. One should agree that nutrition is very important element in fighting the disease. Many books and reports are written on the subject, on the relationship between diet and tooth decay. Again different combination of food versus other food does not provide the answer.

The truth is that all kind of food that we should take daily does not guaranty the results. It goes beyond the question of food combination. It is a problem related to nutritional value of food that we consume in general, to a depletion of soils of important minerals due to the modern farming and usage of to much of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers.

This leads us to two very important questions. Does the processed food in our modern societies contain all necessary nutrients and in the right quantities? And are the nutrients absorption levels adequate? The answer is NO! The fact is that all humans regardless of age have to take the nutritional supplement in order to have healthy teeth. This applies to pregnant mothers, toddlers, small children and adults.

Parent should carefully monitor their children dental health. Very early detection of demineralization of teeth, chalky white spots or lines, will require diet modification and supplementation to allow mineralization of teeth.

Calcium rich food is very important for developing healthy teeth. Many scientific studies have showed that our modern diet is lacking in vitamin D.The optimal form of vitamin D is vitamin D3. This is the form that is naturally produced within the human body when exposed to sunlight.

Cod Liver Oil contains high amounts of the vitamin D3. Vitamin D facilitates the delivery and retention of calcium into the teeth, which in return strengthen tooth enamel, making teeth stronger and more resistant to usage, cracking and the bacteria in the mouth. In a clinical study, children who received one tablespoon of cod liver oil per day for one year reduced the number of new cavities by ½ compared with children who did not receive cod liver oil.

Body Odor In Young Children

In conclusion, improved calcium reach nutrition, and supplementation with cod liver oil will definitely help children's teeth, make them stronger and more resistant to tooth decay. But is it sufficient to completely cure and prevent tooth decay? Unfortunately No!

There is only one missing link in the whole picture to accomplish unthinkable. COMPLETE CURE FOR TOOTH DECAY. More about the missing link at: []

Author: Suzanna Gazzari is accomplished economist and entrepreneur. She is versatile person with broad interests in politics, social and environmental issues. She appreciates talents in visual arts, literature and music. For her personal reasons and experiences, she is believer in natural healing and power of herbs. She is a contributor to several writing sites and author of: []

Why Tooth Decay in Children and Toddlers is Becoming Parent's Nightmare

Body Odor In Young Children