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Excessive Sweating In Children

Body Odor In Young Children

Body Odor In Young Children

If you notice excessive sweating in children, many times we perceive it to be a common phenomenon. This is justified as children are known to spend a considerable amount of their time playing in engaging in physical exertion. As such, they tend to sweat a lot more. However all may not be well and at times excessive sweating in children denotes a continuous and ongoing problem for the youngster. In case you observe that your ward or child is sweating incessantly, it's time to pay heed and take corrective action. Do confirm if the child has been experiencing excessive sweating even when they are in school or may be at other times that do not involve physical exertion. If the child answers in the affirmative or if you can clearly notice such an occurrence, it's important that you seek help.

Obviously, excessive sweating in children does not necessarily refer to Hyperhydrosis, but could be a tell tale sign. Since we are not professionals and would not be able to make an accurate judgment, seeking medical help is a great option. A few routine tests can determine the cause of excessive sweating in children. This can help determine what is plaguing the child and how his/her situation can be improvised.

In most instances, excessive underarm perspiration problems seem to start in ones adolescent years. However in case of the palm and sole, excess sweating starts a lot in a majority of cases. The armpit sweating concerns start to develop rapidly around the child's early teenage years in most cases. Now as adults we do realize how embarrassing sweating at all times can be. Excess sweating has many drawbacks and can influence a patient in a depressing manner. As adults we realize the implications, as children the situation is a lot tougher. Excessive sweating in children can cause uniforms to be stained and could cause increased body odor.
Children and adolescents with Hyperhidrosis are in fact not only enduring a medical problem but tend to suffer a strong psychological setback. This is because their condition could cause them to be the butt of jokes at school. For this it may not always be possible to blame the other kids as children think in a very different manner. However, for a child who is ridiculed, facing school life becomes increasingly difficult. They start to undergo tremendous social embarrassment that is wholly connected to their excessive sweating condition. Continuous teasing can cause children to develop a low esteem. Many times, excessive sweating in a child can cause others to shun an affected child. This could be a very traumatizing experience and could cause the child to behave like a social outcast. Apart from this, excessive sweating in children could cause serious outcomes. This includes experiencing great difficulty in concentrating in school, obscurity and evasion of social situations.

Excessive sweating in children makes them rather self conscious and causes them to shy away from interactions. This is because , sick kids feel insecure and are in the search of a safe haven where they are not placed with others who would ridicule them, obviously parents will have serious concern regarding a child's behavior. Since it is difficult to pacify the child or help them see the situation, it is important that you seek proper guidance at the earliest possible. Apart from this it is essential that early treatment is introduced as this can greatly improve the child's quality of life. The situation may need psychiatric intervention and parents could also enroll in related forums and introduce children into help groups so they can help retain their lost faith.

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Read Are There Any Vitamins For Body Odor? much more

Lot of people have been asking me recently if there are any special Vitamins for Body Odor.

Right off the top of my head, I hadn't heard of any specific vitamins that would be effective against 'Bromhidrosis' (nerd-talk for B.O.). So in my typical fashion, I took my query to Big Daddy Google.

Big Daddy Google did lead me to some very interesting insights about this Body Odor problem and when I combined it with everything else I'd been researching recently, it all started making a lot of sense.

I don't want you to get too excited, but I think I may have found a cure for chronic, offensive Body Odor.

So Are There Vitamins For Body Odor?

Well, yes actually. Well, kinda. There's this natural product I recommend to people that is said to help against body odor. I never used it specifically for Bromhidrosis, but I did use it as I was Stacking to cure my hyperhidoris.

But I found something else that's even cooler. It actually points to something that could cause body odor directly...

Did you know--according to an article at your colon can be retaining up to 10 POUNDS of "undigested food, foul and putrefied fecal matter" all trapped in your intestinal tract?

10 POUNDS! That's disgusting.

So what it went on to say was that among other things, this clogged-up colon can be a source of a whole hodge-podge of different medical conditions...

Heart palpitations, headache, hypertension, decreased energy levels, looking and feeling bloated, fatigue, excessive sweating, and yup, you guessed it--Body Odor.

When I learned that, I thought, "Vitamins for Body Odor? Screw that, I want the cure!"

So as I continued consulting Big Daddy Google for different answers, something else occurred to me too...

You see, there are a few ways to get all that junk build-up out of your body. The most common way is through a Detox of some sort. That's when you drastically change your eating habits for a set period of time. Usually a few days or weeks.

But once you finish with the Detox--and believe me, I Detox once every couple of months--your body starts acting and feeling differently.

Apparently, your body operates a whole lot more efficiently in the few weeks after a good Detox. Which makes sense, being that it was just cleaned out. It's like how your car feels a little younger after a tune-up.

So anyway, with your body in tip-top shape, it absorbs nutrients better. So if you end up wanting to try vitamins for Body Odor, then if it's going to be effective, it will be much more effective after a nice Detox fast.

What's Next?

Body Odor

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Are There Any Vitamins For Body Odor?

Body Odor

Study Are Pet Rabbits the Right Choice For Young Children? additional

Rabbits are often considered the perfect pet for young children as they are generally thought to be cute and cuddly with very little care required. Yes, they are very cute but they require a serious commitment as they can live up to 12 years and their cage needs to be cleaned at least once a day in order to prevent odor. Most rabbits do not take kindly to being lifted off the ground or being carried around. As rabbits have a fragile skeletal structure, they can easily be injured if they are not handled properly. They can also scratch and bite which makes them a less than ideal pet for a small child.

In the past, rabbits spent most of their lives confined to a hutch in the garden or garage - thankfully, this is now considered cruel treatment of these active and intelligent creatures. A great many pet rabbits are now kept as house pets and there are excellent indoor multi-story dwellings available. One consideration when buying a cage or hutch for your bunny is to ensure that the floor is not made of wire - a wire floor is very convenient for the pet owner but it is very hard on the rabbit's feet and may cause hock sores. Try to find a cage that has an easy to clean plastic floor.

Rabbits are fastidious animals and can easily be litter box trained. They need plenty of exercise and mental stimulation or they can become destructive. They are also social creatures that enjoy the company of their own species. Although they can get along with dogs and cats, they should never be left unattended with your other pets.

Rabbits love to play games with humans. For example, I have sat on the floor with my back to my bunny and he has come up behind me, gently nipped my butt, and ran away doing a "binky" which is the happiest rabbit expression.

A rabbit's main diet should be timothy hay but you can also feed them some rabbit pellets and fresh vegetables such as beet greens, broccoli, carrot tops, and spinach. They can also be given romaine lettuce in moderation but absolutely no iceberg lettuce.

If your rabbit is allowed to run free in your home, the area must be "bunny-proofed". Rabbits love to chew on electrical cords so you need to make sure they are safely covered or out of harm's way.

Allergies are another consideration. Some people are allergic to rabbits but the main reason for allergic reactions is the hay which is the rabbit's staple diet.

Rabbits should never be lifted by their ears; rather you should place your hand under their chest and pull them close to your body, making sure that the rump is fully supported.

Rabbits are wonderfully charming and entertaining pets but time needs to be taken to learn their behavior and understand their body language.

Body Odor In Young Children

I share my life with two adorable and playful pet house rabbits who are a constant source of delight and amusement.

Are Pet Rabbits the Right Choice For Young Children?

Body Odor In Young Children

Understand Smelly Discharge - Why Does My Vagina Smell? far more

Do you suffer from smelly discharge? This condition can be extremely upsetting for millions women worldwide, so you are not alone in desperately trying to find answers to the question: "Why does my vagina smell?"

Abnormal and increased discharge can be caused by many different factors. If the consistency is thin, watery and clingy; the color ranges from whitish to pearly gray and the odor could be described as "fishy" or "musty", it is a well known medical condition, Bacterial Vaginosis.

What is Bacterial Vaginosis?

Bacterial Vaginosis affects 65% of all woman of all ages, mainly of childbearing age, however it rarely occurs in infants, young children or during menopause. The causes of this bacterial imbalance of the vagina can vary in nature. It can be due to hormonal changes in the body during pregnancy or menopause or can be a result of common practices which many women are not aware of, such as:

Using bath products that contain harsh chemicals
Wearing thongs made out of synthetic fabrics
Having a new sex partner
Or having an intra uterine device for contraception.
Young girls can develop a bacterial imbalance, when not wiping from front to back after a bowel movement, causing faecal contamination of the genital area.

Bacterial Vaginosis is not a serious condition in the initial stages, however, you probably already know, that harmful bacterium has the ability to travel up into the uterus and fallopian tubes. This is why, if you or your child suffers from smelly discharge, I urge you to get it treated as soon as possible to assure your health and safety.

To find detailed information about Bacterial Vaginosis, including information about the treatment options and their outcomes, visit

Smelly Discharge - Why Does My Vagina Smell?

Body Odor In Young Children