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One of the greatest joys in life is having a toddler in the house. Every day, something new and exciting happens. However, one of the greatest challenges in life is the parenting that goes along with raising a toddler. Proper parenting is crucial to keeping your child not only happy, but also safe, Good parenting will teach your child important life lessons, guiding him or her into a stable, happy, and successful adulthood.

To make the most out of parenting young children, we have provided you with ten specific tips. Most importantly, realize that you will be faced with challenges, days where you feel you cannot go on, but you can and you will. With a lot of patience, the right attitude, and having some helpful tips to follow, you will find that parenting a young child is not so difficult.

Remember, toddlers and younger kids are high energy, inquisitive, and manipulative. They know the buttons to push to get a reaction out of mom or dad. However, you will find these coping tools beneficial, actually allowing you to enjoy the parenting process instead of dreading it.

Understand your Role

In the position of being a parent, you are a life coach, not a judge and jury. Your role involve providing your younger child with encouragement, guidance, and praise, along with high expectations, constructive criticism, and limitations. Typically, a child will accept the role of coach much better than judge or even parent. Judging a child will only cause him or her to pull away, which is something you want to avoid at all costs.

Focus on the Right Things

Although parenting young children does involve discipline, you will find that keeping the focus on the positive, the child's sensitivity, hard work, intelligence, caring attitude, and other good qualities will build self-confidence and develop a more willing spirit in the child to mind.

High Expectations

There is nothing wrong with setting high expectations for younger children. This means establishing from an early age that you expect for him or her to get good grades, to graduate from high school, to choose friends wisely, and so on. As long as the expectations are attainable and realistic, go ahead and set them high.

Healthy Competition

Some parents feel that competition is a bad thing but actually, healthy competition is good. Actually, parenting young children and teaching them health competition choices does not mean placing the emphasis on always winning, but instead, of always doing his or her best, not allowing another person to win. Over time, the younger child will gain a new sense of confidence and character.

Social Involvement

Each child has to find his or her own way in social settings. If your child does not fit in with a particular group, the "in crowd", do not pressure. Every child has his or her own "in crowd" and as long as the friends are good, support their choice.

Activity Involvement

Encouraging your child to get involved in various types of physical activities is an excellent outlet. Some great options include the Boy or Girl's Scouts, school sports, debate, dance, and so. Getting gets involved with an activity that builds both mind and body is another means of parenting young children the right way.

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6 Tips for Parenting Young Children

Body Odor In Young Children

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Candida Symptoms Body Odor - Keeping the Very Bad Odor Away

Body Odor In Young Children

Body Odor In Young Children

Some candida sufferers may be having a very bad body odor as part of candida symptoms, when soap and water could not be the solution. There is a friend who is also having major digestion problems which causes additional odors. She needs a suggestion on how to get rid of the bad odor.

I have the same problem. I can stay inside all day long, never break a sweat, and by bedtime I need to reapply antiperspirant. I don't even try to wear deodorant, even though antiperspirant contains aluminum. But, I do use the Tom's of Maine brand, as I'm sure it's a lot safer that most other antiperspirants. My naturopath told me that the body odor is generally a sign of glandular problems, for more specifically I think adrenal insufficiency was mentioned.

When I discussed this with my herb lady, she said it's in the blood so to speak. We discussed this issue and she relayed some interesting information to me. She said that she attended a lecture in which the speaker discussed cleaning out the blood. He said he wears no deodorant, bathes twice a day, and has no body odor. She explained that it takes 90 days to clean the blood, which can be done several ways. She also told me of her "bloodless" birth. She had been on the Candida program and then, like most of us, fell off the wagon because she was feeling so good.

After the birth of her first child she lost an incredible amount of blood, which I thought was "normal" in childbirth. After that, she was determined not to let that happen again, so she began eating right again and taking her supplements. She said with her second child she lost no blood, not even the "liver clot" that women who have had babies can relate to, another thing I thought was normal. I have to say in staying on the Candida program, that I can see a difference in my menstrual cycle. Don't know if this exactly answers your question, but to me, cleaning out your body, strengthening your systems, and eating properly should correct the problem, over time. Try sassafras tea or any other blood cleanser.

If you are spending way to much money on getting rid of the bad odor there are solutions! All you have to do is CLICK HERE to get an excellent support to cure your candida and body health problems at cure candida project website.

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Halitosis in Children

Body Odor In Young Children

People have all kinds of explanations for halitosis in children ranging from dehydration to a diet that contains too much sugar. Many of these things may indeed cause temporary odors on the breath. Most cases of bad breath, however, even in youngsters, are caused by exactly the same thing that causes bad breath in adults. Bacteria living in the mouth break down protein and produce bad smelling compounds knows as volatile sulfur compounds, or VSC.

Some halitosis in children is due to other underlying causes, and if there is anything at all unusual about the odor that is being noted, a visit to a physician or dentist may be in order. Some diseases cause an off-odor on the breath and when such a disease is involved, only treatment of the underlying problem will cure halitosis in children or anyone else. Some of the diseases involved are serious: diabetes, kidney disease, and malignancy are all potentially life threatening.

If the problem seems like a simple ordinary case of halitosis in children - a rotten egg smell on the breath that is associated with the mouth - the problem should still be dealt with promptly. Although bad breath is not life threatening in the same way that cancer or diabetes is, the social difficulties that are caused by really bad breath can severely affect a child's quality of life. A cure for halitosis in children could be the same as giving them back their friends.

The most effective remedies for bad breath contain antibacterial ingredients that kill off the bacteria that produce VSC. Halitosis in children, however, may be difficult to treat with these preparations because children cannot be exposed to drugs in the same concentrations as adults can. Any over the counter cure for halitosis in children should be carefully checked to be sure it's appropriate.

For treating children, natural remedies are popular because they do not contain drugs and chemicals. Natural remedies to cure halitosis in children have become commercially available in recent years and are gaining in popularity. If you have tried home remedies without success, and you don't want to use antibacterials like chlorhexidine, you might want to investigate natural products for halitosis in children.

R. Drysdale is a freelance writer with more than 25 years experience as a health care professional. She is a contributing editor to Halitosis in Children, a blog dedicated to the treatment of bad breath.

Understand Foot Odor Natural Cures additional

Foot Odor Natural Cures

Body Odor In Young Children

Smelly feet? Not me, you says. Before you move on to the next topic, however, perhaps you should ask your nearest and dearest whether your feet create their unique atmospheric conditions.

Here are some tips how to use natural cures against food odor.

Baking soda
Baking soda powders work, because they absorb foot perspiration and odors. They work best when used along with other moisture reducing measures, such as frequent sock changes.

Astringent soaks
Foot soaks help keep feet clean. But soak can do more than that. With extra added ingredients, a soak can turn into a bacteria blasting, sweat stopping extravaganza. Besides baking soda, people say they have used successfully used Epsom salt, vinegar, lemon juice, chlorine bleach, black tea and borax to knock out foot odor.

Fresh socks
Frequent sock changes are something strongly recommended.

Feet can get as hot and bothered as underarms, contributing to odor problems, so there is good reasons people turn to antiperspirants to dry up foot odors. Is a good idea to use a roll on or pads that contain aluminum chlorohydrate and cover the bottom of the feet, including the webbed spaces between the toes. This should be done once a day after washing and drying the feet.

Zinc is necessary for healing and for many chemical reactions in the body. Perhaps it somehow makes the skin more resistant to the bacteria that cause odors. If you decide to try this remedy, it is best to take no more than 15 milligrams of zinc a day without medical supervision. That is because high levels of zinc can interfere with the absorption of copper, another essential trace mineral

Antibacterial soaps
Antibacterial soaps help. People should wash their feet with soap and water and to clean between their toes at least once a day. Simply standing in the shower and letting the water run over your feet isn't washing them.

Cures and remedies for a better health.

Understand Cigarette Smoking and the Effects on Children much more

Cigarette Smoking and the Effects on Children

Body Odor In Young Children

Body Odor In Young Children

Today, children are at great health risk and danger from cigarette and tobacco smoke aside from the young teenagers and adults who are active as well as passive smokers. Children belong to a high risk group as they get exposed to passive smoke, environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) or better known as the second hand smoke. Cigarette smoking effect on children is very dangerous because at a very young age, they are still in the developing age and also their breathing rate is faster than the adults.

Children's breathing rate is much faster than the adults. An adolescent or young adult breathes around 16 times in a minute while a child breathes way more than this rate. A normal 5 year old can breath more than 20 times a minute which can sometimes increase to 60 times every minute. As the breathing of children is more, the cigarette smoking effect on children becomes more intense as they take in more air that is filled with cigarette smoke. Because of this, the children's lungs will receive a higher percentage of toxins and poisons than that of the young adults.

The different cigarette smoking effects on the children and there children are numerous. In detrimental effect is that babies who are born to mothers who smoke during her pregnancy are much more prone to be born below the normal weight than those who are born to mothers who do not smoke. Cigarette smoking significantly affects a baby's weight because of developing a less resistant body. Another cigarette smoking effect on children is high percentage of occurrence of sudden infant death syndrome to be suffered by babies whose mothers are smokers. Likewise, babies win smoking mothers are at greater risk of suffering from learning disabilities and cerebral palsy.

In the case of young children, one cigarette smoking effect on children is the development of the condition of respiratory difficulties and illnesses such as asthma. If children are already asthmatic, it can get worse by second hand smoke. Second hand smoke is one of the leading causes of new asthma cases and other respiratory complications every year. Another very serious cigarettes smoking effect on children is the development of pneumonia or pulmonary bronchitis. In the United States alone, many pneumonia sufferers caused by cigarette smoking are children.

Other cigarette smoking effects of smoking on children are as follows:

Children have increased water or fluid in the middle ear, developing in a hearing and even speech problems.

Children's lungs function less efficiently. Likewise, their immune system becomes less strong and protective than that of young adults.

Another cigarette smoking effect on children is the inability of the child's body to develop fully; his height and weight development is adversely affected. The child exposed to cigarette smoking has a great tendency to not fully achieve his over-all physical and intellectual development. Babies whose mothers smoke during their pregnancy are born with a deficiency in height and weight.

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Body Odor In Young Children

One of the greatest joys in life is having a toddler in the house. Every day, something new and exciting happens. However, one of the greatest challenges in life is the parenting that goes along with raising a toddler. Proper parenting is crucial to keeping your child not only happy, but also safe, Good parenting will teach your child important life lessons, guiding him or her into a stable, happy, and successful adulthood.

To make the most out of parenting young children, we have provided you with ten specific tips. Most importantly, realize that you will be faced with challenges, days where you feel you cannot go on, but you can and you will. With a lot of patience, the right attitude, and having some helpful tips to follow, you will find that parenting a young child is not so difficult.

Remember, toddlers and younger kids are high energy, inquisitive, and manipulative. They know the buttons to push to get a reaction out of mom or dad. However, you will find these coping tools beneficial, actually allowing you to enjoy the parenting process instead of dreading it.

Understand your Role

In the position of being a parent, you are a life coach, not a judge and jury. Your role involve providing your younger child with encouragement, guidance, and praise, along with high expectations, constructive criticism, and limitations. Typically, a child will accept the role of coach much better than judge or even parent. Judging a child will only cause him or her to pull away, which is something you want to avoid at all costs.

Focus on the Right Things

Although parenting young children does involve discipline, you will find that keeping the focus on the positive, the child's sensitivity, hard work, intelligence, caring attitude, and other good qualities will build self-confidence and develop a more willing spirit in the child to mind.

High Expectations

There is nothing wrong with setting high expectations for younger children. This means establishing from an early age that you expect for him or her to get good grades, to graduate from high school, to choose friends wisely, and so on. As long as the expectations are attainable and realistic, go ahead and set them high.

Healthy Competition

Some parents feel that competition is a bad thing but actually, healthy competition is good. Actually, parenting young children and teaching them health competition choices does not mean placing the emphasis on always winning, but instead, of always doing his or her best, not allowing another person to win. Over time, the younger child will gain a new sense of confidence and character.

Social Involvement

Each child has to find his or her own way in social settings. If your child does not fit in with a particular group, the "in crowd", do not pressure. Every child has his or her own "in crowd" and as long as the friends are good, support their choice.

Activity Involvement

Encouraging your child to get involved in various types of physical activities is an excellent outlet. Some great options include the Boy or Girl's Scouts, school sports, debate, dance, and so. Getting gets involved with an activity that builds both mind and body is another means of parenting young children the right way.

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6 Tips for Parenting Young Children

Body Odor In Young Children

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Do You Have Body Odor?

Body Odor

Everyone has body odor some are blessed with pleasant odor and some are unlucky to have the unpleasant one and there are several reasons that may cause this. Sometimes you might have noticed that when some friends enter a room or stand very close to you then the smell emanating from their body is not that pleasant and that often becomes the laughing stock on many occasions. The bad odor is nothing but a source of embarrassment for many. Often in college or school if you remember people were given nick names based on their body odor. There have been times when your friend might have wished to get the full and final cure for the odor and get away with all the embarrassment.

There are instances where people are not aware of their own body odor, well there is a simple way to find it out. When you are changing clothes just check in the armpits if they smell foul and are wet, which they will be because of perspiration. Also feel free to take a close friend or family member's advice if you really smell bad. This will also help you in overcoming it. Generally while attaining puberty teenagers are bound to sweat more and can get into the trap of bad odor. Also when you are young you tend to experiment with various products being available in the market without considering what suits your skin type and personality which may lead to foul odor.

The Remedy for body odor is many. It's upon you to first determine the seriousness of the problem and then take steps accordingly. Are you plagued by the odor that seems to pop up during the most inopportune times? Below are steps and tips on how to eliminate that odor:

- Ensure to shower or bathe daily and use a good anti-bacterial soap or body-wash and take extra care of your under arms.
- Don't use antiperspirant/deodorant because they end up being the good food for the bacteria multiplication upon sweating.
- Always change your clothes, socks and undergarments at least twice daily if you have acute bad odor.
- Store your clothes in a place which is not damp and circulate air easily keeping them dry and crisp.
- Wash your hands and feet at least four times a day and before wearing the socks use an anti-bacterial dusting powder.
- Make necessary modification in your dietary habits and lifestyle.
- Drink lots of water to detox your body. You may also consider going for no caffeine and no soft or hard drinks day.
- Say no to cigarettes and alcohol.
- When ever going outdoors carry sunglasses, umbrella or a scarf to cover your head.
- Also carry wet wipes to keep your face and hands fresh and clean when the need arises.
- Consult your doctor if the odor is a permanent problem.
- Bacteria that produce the odor can grow only if they get moisture, so try an antiperspirant rather than a deodorant.

Different climatic conditions are also responsible for people to face issues related to bad odor and hence most of them adopt various methods to seek answer to the question, "How to cure body odor". From your kitchen you can take some diluted lemon juice and apply in your armpits. Initially you might feel slight redness or acidic feeling but with continuous use you will feel the freshness and being a home remedy it has no side effects. Application of extra virgin coconut oil to your smelly skin proves good; the lauric acid in coconut oil kills bacteria, thus making you smell better. Using Chlorophyll gel tablets or Chlorophyll liquid extracted from Wild Oats/Whole Foods or health food store.

Hi, this is Alex (I am an amateur golf player and keen in helping people who have body odor problem). My website is [].

As a sportman (who tends to sweat a lot after a game), I truly understand that you (people who have body odor) would like to find a cure for body odor as soon as possible (i had the same feeling as you). By understanding more about the nature of body odor and the causes of body odor, it is better and easier for you to find a better body odor cure.

Very soon, you will be able to get rid of body odor. I get rid of body odor after finding a suitable body odor cure for myself. You can do it too!

Read through Body Odor - Natural Remedies much more

Not a subject that we like to talk about, body odor can be a real problem for some people. Here are a few ideas that might help if you suffer from this problem.

After you take a shower, prepare turnip juice by grating a turnip, squeezing the juice through cheesecloth till you get 2 teaspoons. vigorously massage a teaspoon of the turnip juice into each armpit.

Dietary Remedies:

Perhaps you are a heavy meat eater and are troubled by body odor. Try to ease off the meat and poultry, fill up on green leafy vegetables instead and you should see a big difference in a short time. Maybe you won't perspire less, but the smell will not be as strong, plus, the change of diet will be healthier for you.

As well as eating the green leafy vegetables, you could take a 500 mg capsule of wheat grass (powdered juice) daily. Alternately, you could drink an ounce of wheat grass juice, providing your local health food store sells it. You should take it on an empty stomach. The chlorophyll can reduce body odor dramatically or eliminate it completely.

Does stress rule your life? Stress or tension can cause excessive perspiration, hence unpleasant body odors. Sage tea could work for you. Take 1 1/2 teaspoons of dried sage, or two tea bags in a cup of water, allowing it to steep for 10 minutes. Throughout the day, drink it in small doses, and you will feed more relaxed.

You may have heard the slogan "Think Zinc - Don't Stink". A Pennsylvania man rid himself of body odor by taking 30 mg of zinc every day, and within two weeks, he was smelling like a rose. Caution: High amounts of zinc may increase a man's risk of developing prostate cancer. Some people can get stomachaches. Make sure to consult your doctor for the proper dosage.

Body Odor

Linda is passionate about finding alternative remedies for everyday maladies. Another passion is computers and everything that relates to them. Come check out her latest website at [] which helps people find the best external CD burners [] available.

Body Odor - Natural Remedies

Body Odor

Read through Skin Cancer in Children on the Rise - How Can We Protect Our Children additional

Fighting skin cancer has taken on a greater priority since the medical community has noticed the rise of melanoma in children. This increase is small but significant.

Although pediatric melanoma is still not very common as shown by the statistics from the National Cancer Institute. They show that while only 7 per million, or about 500, cases where reported in 2002 this was a rise from 3 per million in 1982. This increase, although slight, is causing concern in the medical community.

What is most disturbing to both parents and doctors is that the type of cancer being diagnosed in children is malignant melanoma. This is the most dangerous and deadly form of skin cancer. However, if melanoma is detected early, it can be treated.

In adults scientists have linked the development of skin cancer to damage done by the ultraviolet rays of the sun. The damage done by ultraviolet radiation is accumulative, increasing the risk of cancer later in life. Children have not usually been exposed to the same degree as adults but they are still being affected.

Scientists are not sure why skin cancer develops in children and feel there may be other factors at work than just skin damage due to the sun.

On possible suggestion is that genetics could be a factor. We know that people with fair skin are more at risk for developing skin cancer than people of other nations.

Moles have proven to play a part in the development of skin cancer, so children whose body is covered with moles maybe at greater risk.

Another factor is having a history of sunburns. Even though children have not spent as many years in the sun as their parents or other adults have, their skin is tender and more easily sun burnt.

Parents need to take seriously the task of teaching their young ones how to protect themselves from sun damage. Gone are the days when a mother would tell their children to run out and play in the sun.

Children need to learn to avoid the sun by playing in the shade where possible. They need to stay out of the sun during the peak hours of the day when the sun is the strongest.

It may be necessary to remind your children the proper use of sunscreens. It is not enough to use it just when they first go outside but sunscreens must be re-applied on a regular basis.

Children need to remember to wear a hat and protective clothing when they are outside. Tank tops and other sleeveless shirts are cooler in hot weather but they provide little protection from the sun.

Our little ones are too young to know what is needed so we must insure that they too are safe. It becomes the responsibility of the adult to keep infants and toddlers protected.

Pediatric melanoma is a frightening condition. Even though the number of cases is small, no one wants to see their children develop skin cancer.

Although skin cancer in children is rare, parents should be alert and watch for any signs of pediatric melanoma developing in their children..

Body Odor In Young Children

Margaret Leslie is the editor of [] a website that discusses skin care problems experienced by the whole family. To learn more about skin cancer visit [] - Copyright: This article may be freely republish, as long as the text, author credit, and the active links remain intact."

Skin Cancer in Children on the Rise - How Can We Protect Our Children

Body Odor In Young Children

Read through Clothing and Hygiene in the Workplace far more


Clothing and Hygiene

When in doubt, dress conservatively.

In corporate America, you simply cannot go wrong by dressing conservatively. You can, however, put yourself at great risk by daring to dress provocatively, sloppily, or in a manner that signifies that little thought has gone into your grooming. While there are casual office environments, for the most part, one should dress differently when going to work than they would for a backyard BBQ. Look around. How are the leaders or those in positions of prominence dressed? Follow their lead.

Sure, there are exceptions. If you own your own business, you can do as you please, but if you're concerned about your future and climbing that corporate ladder, the ladder you don't own, you need to be cognizant of how you're perceived. Good grooming tells a lot about an employee. It does not mean wearing designer clothes or buying the latest, most expensive bottle of perfume. Visit outlet stores, go to sale racks and accumulate a few basic items that can be shaped for many occasions, creating numerous different looks. An accessory here, a scarf there can change the entire look of your corporate outfit.

You can set the corporate attire standard if one hasn't already been set. I watched one office completely change their dress code approach as a new hire set the bar a bit higher than what existed. Good grooming signals personal pride and for managers, that train of thought translates into possible pride in your work, attention to detail, and good organization skills.


Overexposure. Too much cleavage is distracting. A supervisor will have a hard time keeping his/her eyes focused on your face otherwise. Work is a time to allow everyone to concentrate on the duties at hand. Chest overexposure places others into a most uncomfortable position.

Mini Skirts. To the knee or a few inches above is the rule. Look and dress professionally. Be able to sit comfortably without exposing yourself, having to tug on your hemline all day, and worrying about normal bending or lifting that might be required in your job. Save the micro minis for the evening out.

Tight Pants. Tight pants show a lot, perhaps a bit more than we need to see while working. Tight pants with no underwear is a no-no. Thongs can often be seen in extremely tight pants, so ditch the tight pants in the workplace. Save the party clothes for the party.

Spaghetti Straps. Too casual. Not normally for the office place unless you work in a tropical climate environment where this is acceptable by management. Spaghetti straps show a little too much. Avoid them or opt for a nice jacket or blouse over them.

Make-Up. Make-up should enhance, not detract. Save the glittery eyeshadow for the dance club. Some research has alluded that women who wear make-up are taken more seriously than women who don't. However, there are certain individuals that state that only a strong, confident woman would opt out of make-up, thus increasing the credibility of the make-upless individual. This is all up for discussion. If you do wear make-up, wear it appropriately.

Quick Accessories for Women. A pashmina or scarf is a wonderful, elegant look for business meetings, business dining and business evenings out. It is a quick way to add that professional pizzazz.

Suggestions for the Professional Woman:
Pearl Earrings
Strand of Pearls (real ones are expensive, go for the knock-offs if money is a factor)
Silver Earrings
Gold Earrings
Silver and Gold Bangles
Attractive Watch
Several Scarves
Several Pashminas in Varying Colors
Business Suits and Pant Suits
Knee Length Dresses or Skirts


Pants. Pants should have a slight break in the front. A good tailor will assist you with this.

Ties. Ties should be neatly tied with a medium to small knot. Clean shaven is the rule.

Shirts. Watch your shirts. Make sure they are wrinkle free.

Jackets. Suit jackets need attention, as well. Send them out to the cleaners regularly as they hold odors. It is an often overlooked article of clothing when it comes to laundering. A large volume of complaints comes from managers (and girlfriends) who state that men don't know how to dress. I disagree. Take pride in your appearance. It does spill over into your work.

Suggestions for the Professional Man:
Three Suits in Different Colors - black, brown, pinstriped, or navy
Variety of Colored and White Shirts
Two Nice Belts - one Black, one brown
At least one pair of quality, neatly polished shoes
A sport jacket in a neutral color

Men and Women

Shoes. Flip Flops are far too casual for most workplaces, unless you're a lifeguard. So be aware that by wearing flip flops, you are sending a strong casual message.

Shorts. In Bermuda, shorts are the norm. In America, not so. A smart gaucho with jacket is nice and can look professional but short and shirt, no.

Personal Hygiene. Body odor. Take a bath or a shower. Seriously, take a bath or shower every day, preferably in the morning before going to work. "Night sweats" or "bed sweats" are common and you may not realize that you are emitting an odor. A person who suffers from body odor often has no clue. You can bet that your co-workers know! It's one of the most delicate areas of management etiquette and protocol - how to address this problem with an employee. There is no way to handle this without being forthright. You must gingerly tell the employee that there is an issue and suggest that the individual see a doctor or try to remedy the problem in other ways. "Bromidrosis" is the medical term for body odor and may or may not be symptomatic of medical problems.

Clean Clothes. There have been occasions where I've been called in to address a body odor concern, when in fact, the clothes were the culprit. Regularly launder your clothes. If you live in a warm weather climate, it is almost impossible to wear a shirt or blouse more than once without laundering it. Send clothes our regularly to the cleaners or invest in washable fabrics.

Perfume or After Shave Overload. Your particular fragrance may not be one that delights others. Be considerate of others, especially in small spaces. Be aware of co-worker allergies. Taking a bath in your perfume, especially if it's not a quality fragrance, will linger and will get you talked about, but not in a complimentary way. A good fragrance does not have to expensive to be pleasant smelling.

Gum. Nothing is more annoying than the smack, smack, pop of someone chewing and popping gum. Save the gum for home. It looks unprofessional.

White or Transparent Clothes. Make sure that pants, dresses, skirts are lined. A transparent blouse over a nice camisole is acceptable, but a visible bra or full view of your backside, while it may be temporarily entertaining, will cause distractions and cause you to not be taken seriously. Ladies, you can see a thong through white clothes. Be mindful that a work environment is just that, for work.

Fear Not Color. There is nothing wrong with color in the workplace. It brightens the mood and there is evidence that color can affect performance. Know your company's dress preferences and try to conform, but if there is latitude, dress to make yourself feel perky and you'll convey that to others.

Accessories. For that boardroom look, avoid over accessorizing. Go light on the layers of necklaces, gold chains, streams of bangles. Subtle accessories look more professional and create a more classic, clean look.

With a few basic pointers and a lot of common sense, you will be perceived in a more professional and polite manner.

Body Odor In Young Children

Clothing and Hygiene in the Workplace

Examine Special Dietary Requirements for Children additional

Body Odor In Young Children

Children have nutritional needs different from those of adults in three respects:

1) Their energy requirement per unit of weight is higher than that of adults.

2) Their food should contain a higher proportion of body-building materials (protein and mineral elements) and of vitamins than that of adults.

3) Their diet should be selected with special care to include only foods which are readily digestible.

Energy Requirements

Qualitatively, the nutritional factors necessary for the child are the same as those required to nourish an adult, namely, energy of fuel, protein, mineral salts and vitamins, plus suitable amounts of water and fiber. Quantitatively, however, their requirements differ. This is due to the fact that:

1) The basal metabolism, the amount of energy used in internal processes of the body, is considerably higher in youth than in adult life.

2) The child is usually much more active than the adult, and uses a great deal of energy in work and play.

3) Lastly, the child must have extra energy to grow on or to store in the new tissues that are being built.

Need for Tissue-Building Material

Protein is required for building muscle tissues, as well as for the growth of the various organs; whereas the average adult does not need more than 10 percent of his calories in the form of proteins, about 15 percent of the calories as protein will probably be safer allowance for growing children, who are storing protein.

Moreover, probably about two-thirds of the protein in the diet of children should be from the foods of animal origin (chiefly milk and eggs), which furnish complete proteins and those more efficient for growth than vegetable proteins. Hence, if a child is fed a quart of milk daily, he will be fairly certain to receive a safe surplus of protein in the best available form.

Digestive Abilities

Lastly, it should be fairly obvious that it is essential to limit the foods used in the diet of children to such foods as are easily digestive or readily handled by the digestive tract of the child at the special age for which one is planning.

The alimentary tract of infants is not equipped to digest starches and fats, and only gradually develops the ability to handle these food materials so that only small amounts of very thoroughly cooked starchy foods can be given during the first year, while fats must be restricted in amount even in the second year.

Infants and young children seem to have less immunity to the presence of bacteria in the intestinal tract and the mucous membrane lining their alimentary tract is also more sensitive to irritating substances than in later life. Foods which are difficult to masticate, such as vegetable, nuts, etc., should be given to young children only in finely minced or ground form.

Raw vegetables and most raw fruits have to be introduced with caution as the digestive tract becomes stringer and the teeth are well-developed.

Peter Garant is writing articles about stairlift brands for his stair lift site.

Special Dietary Requirements for Children

Understand Runner Gratitude - Deodorant far more

People who understand the Law of Attraction understand that energy flows where attention goes.

Think about your life as a runner. Is it full of what you would consider to be positive energy, or is it cluttered with the negative energy of things, experiences, and emotions that do not serve you?

In other words, is your running life a source of strength and renewal for you, or has it become something that you now dread? If you lean toward the latter instead of the former, then your running has gotten into a rut.

But there is a way out of this rut. The Law of Attraction is like an obedient servant. Dwell on something, and you will get that or more of that. So choose new things on which to dwell to bring joy back into your running life.

This is easier said than done, but you can fake it until you make it, as some would say. And you need not even fake it. Look around you. Think of everything that positively supports you as a runner, and feel gratitude for all of it.

One item that supports you probably rarely gets a second thought from you, and that one item is deodorant. Can you imagine running without it? Perhaps you can, especially if you train alone and return from your workout to an empty home or hotel room. But many runners rely on deodorant for many reasons. Here are several thoughts of gratitude about deodorant that you may want to consider and feel.

I am truly grateful that my deodorant lets me train in close proximity to other runners without offending them with my long-workout body odor.
I am thankful to the chemists and other scientists who have researched and developed the perfect deodorant -- the one that works best for me as a runner.
I appreciate that I can linger several minutes with fellow runners after a group run without driving them away with my body odor -- all thanks to my deodorant.
I am very glad that I can return to my home or hotel room and not "stink up the joint" right away with lots of body odor from my run.
I am amazed at the way that the agents in my deodorant fight body odor that will otherwise develop more strongly during my long runs.

By regularly reviewing a list like this, you can increase your skill at feeling grateful for all that supports your running life. And the result will be more zest for running.

Body Odor
Tag :

Runner Gratitude - Deodorant

Read through Young Children In The Kitchen - An Introduction much more

Introducing Young Children to the Kitchen

There are two major steps in introducing young children to the kitchen. The first step is to instill in them an attitude that the kitchen is a desirable place to be where you can create things that you and your family will enjoy. The second step in the introduction of your child into the kitchen is for them to develop a positive attitude towards food.

Let the children know that the kitchen is a warm, homey and fun place to be, filled with love and sharing and creative self-expression. Let your children know that out of the kitchen comes not only the family meals which are essential to survival, but also experiences that contribute to the 'joy of living'. Food can and should have an aesthetic appeal which will give pleasure to the creator, the beholder and the partaker. (To all our senses)

Developing a positive attitude towards food means that a child is led to believe that food is good, and that eating is fun. Eating is a natural process and most children, if they are not forced, will develop a positive attitude towards food and feel that eating is good, that food satisfies not only basic needs but psychological needs as well. Eating should not be merely to satisfy the body, but should also satisfy the soul, or the psyche

One way to develop a positive attitude is to make meal times as pleasant as possible and to try and make children's meals child-oriented. If you cannot make all your meals child-oriented, plan at least one meal a day or part of one meal which is designed specifically with your child in mind and can give him/her something to look forward to.

For Mothers who stay home with their children, lunch would be the best meal to gear specifically towards the child's level of appeal. To make food appeal to the child all you need to do is to be a little inventive, let yourself think like a child and watch your child for clues. Most of us have a little bit of the child left in us and all we have to do is to stretch back a few years and try to remember what it was that we as children liked.

A very simple lunch that can be very appealing to the child is a cottage cheese and fruit salad. Only with a few inventive strokes of the imagination you can transform that salad into something enticing and fun to eat. One example is by using peach halves and carrot sticks to make salad people. Simply use a peach half for the body, carrot sticks for the arms and legs, cottage cheese for the head and raisins for the facial features. Many other creations can be made from other types of canned or fresh fruit and cottage cheese.

Instead of giving your child a plain sandwich, cut the bread out with cookie cutters. Children get turned off by very large portions; if sandwiches are cut up into several small pieces, the task of eating them will be much less formidable than if it were served in large portions

Breakfast can also be child-oriented rather easily. Instead of a plain fried egg which many children dislike, make an egg in the window' which will be enticing and fun to eat. Instead of plain cooked cereal add raisins or some other type of fruit to it. My Mother did this for me (I didn't like to eat cereal because it took too long to eat and I thought it was boring) but with raisins it became a treasure hunt for added flavor. I still do this to this day and so do my children. Raisins add excitement to plain cooked cereal!

For dinnertime, you can again use the salad theme; one variation on it is to cut an orange in half, remove the pulp, cut it up and mix it with another type of fruit or tiny marshmallows and return it to the shell. Meatloaf can be made in muffin tins, hamburgers can be served on skewers like lollipops and chicken legs or chops can be served with leggings or frill to keep fingers clean and make the food more attractive.

Again, keep a positive attitude towards food and cooking and the children will emulate it. Make your meal preparation and mealtimes a joyous time in your family's life. Make the meals fun to eat as well as being nutritious.

Body Odor In Young Children

I have been an educator teaching teens and pre-teens for over 35 years. I teach monthly classes in Ventura, County California for children, teens and their parents. I love to share my ideas to help kids be safe, learn and have fun in the kitchen. I hold a MS in Nutrition and Food Sciences from California State University.

Please check out my website for the recipes to food mentioned in this article and more tips for cooking with children at

Young Children In The Kitchen - An Introduction

Body Odor In Young Children

Read How To Stop Underarm Odor additional

How to stop underarm odor is a problem that bothers not only the individual itself but to those who are around as well. Underarm odor is like a much bigger problem for many people. When the weather gets warm, the underarm odor also gets hard to hide. It is essential for people to control the odor to build good relations and to boost the self-confidence. It builds a good feeling when one smells fresh.

Causes of Underarm Odor

In simple words, when the human body is regulating its temperature, perspiration occurs by helping the sweat glands. There are bacteria, which are present on the skin naturally and as sweat occurs it interacts with them releasing odor and acids. It is also seen that Apocrine or scent glands are the major glands that release the body odor quickly. The underarm is home to a number of Apocrine or scent glands and this makes them an ideal place for odor to form. It is important to note that the process of perspiration is odorless. It becomes smelly when it is attacked by bacteria. There are also many medical conditions, diet, medications, hormonal changes and emotional stress, which contributes to underarm odor and sweating.

It does not work every time to cover the underarm odor. Fortunately, there are many natural remedies that can help people looking for an answer to a question how to stop underarm odor. Following some simple steps can give you relief from this problem.

Wash Armpits

It is suggested to wash your underarms daily. One should wash underarm with warm water and should use antibacterial soap. Washing armpits with antibacterial soap helps in slowing down the production of bacteria. To reduce bacteria buildup one should also scrub the armpits with a wash cloth. Always dry underarms with a clean towel.

Warm Bath

One should also bathe daily and can add 2 cups of tomato juice while drawing a warm bath. Soak your body in the tub for minimum 15 minutes to get rid of armpit odors. Before getting out rinse the body with warm and clean water. Pat your body with absorbent and clean towel.


After bathe one should use deodorant or apply Antiperspirant. As these deodorants wear off so keep on applying throughout the day as required. One should use different brands and types of deodorants to find the best one that works with your body.

Underarm Hair

It is suggested to shave or trim the underarm hair. The underarm hairs trap the moisture and provide a place for bacteria to grow under sweating.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Mix 1 teaspoon of 3% hydrogen peroxide in 8 ounces of water and dip a wash cloth in this mixture. Hydrogen peroxide aids in killing the armpit bacteria. Always apply this mixture to unbroken skin. Don't use this method after shaving the armpits. One can increase the quantity of hydrogen peroxide if the proportion of this mixture is ineffective.

Changing Diet Plans

Changing diet plans also help people in the fight against how to stop underarm odor. There are foods and elements that cause excess of body odor. Some of these foods and elements are onions, garlic, curry, tobacco and alcohol. Leafy greens are a natural element that neutralize underarm odor. Using the best sources of zinc in the daily diet plan also helps in reducing the underarm odor dramatically. Chickpeas, turkey, organic beef and Lima beans are rich sources of zinc in natural foods. One can take 30mg of zinc as an alternative as well.

Body Odor

Get to know more useful information on underarm odor causes. Understand the causes, symptoms and natural remedies that can help you get rid of it. Learn how to stop underarm odor. Start your day with the aroma of confidence!

How To Stop Underarm Odor

Body Odor

Study Maintaining Healthy Eating Habits For Children Age 5-10 extra

Maintaining healthy eating habits for children ages 5-10 years old is an important challenge for today's parents. Obesity recently has overtaken the U.S. educational system as two-thirds of adults in the U.S. are overweight and at least one-third are considered to be obese. These are alarming figures for future children as obesity is growing. It is why it's so important for young children, especially from the earlier ages of 5-10 years old to learn and maintain healthy eating habits into their teen years.

Unhealthy foods from an early age give young children a bad habit for eating unhealthy food which they carry into their teens and twenties. This is the main problem for Americans. Bad eating habits and the rise of fast foods, etc. that cater to those unhealthy habits. Implementing healthy eating habits must start with young children. Parents who regularly expose their kids to fast food, processed frozen foods, or nutrition depleted diets should quickly change their child's diet.

It is important for children ages 5-10 to receive enough vitamins and nutrition so that their body and brain develops within that time frame. A variety of fruits and vegetables, vitamin tablets, less on fatty foods, lots of calcium for growing bones, cereals, dairy products, whole wheat bread, no soda but 100% juice, lean meat, and fish are a good foundation. But most importantly, children must learn to enjoy healthy selections so that as adults, they can maintain their healthy lifestyle. Some tips to maintaining healthy eating habits are:

-Have a specific time and a specific place in the house to eat dinner as a family. Watching TV while you have your children eat is not something you want them to grow up to. Make sure that dinner time is family time and that no TV is allowed.

-Encourage your kids to eat slowly. This allows them to be able to know when they are rightfully full, and not just partially full from a really quick bite.

-Pack lunch. School cafeterias are notorious for providing unhealthy lunch plans. French fries, hamburgers, fried chicken and pizzas are many schools main dishes. Instead, pack the traditional sandwich, baked chips, 100% juice, and an apple. It saves you money in the long run and ensures that your kids receive a healthy diet.

-Make them drink water! Unless it's 100% juice, most other sweetened beverage are loaded with sugar and, especially soda, are one of the main causes of obesity.

-If they don't like vegetables, give them more! People today seem not to worry if their kids are eating enough vegetables because they can just give them vitamins to cover for it. But vegetables are packed with nature's healthy remedies. Vegetables (and fruits) are know to be cancer fighting foods, can prevent loss of vision (especially common in young children who watch too much TV), gives your child's heart much needed protection from future heart attacks or stoke, lowers blood pressure, and is a healthy source of fiber.

-Also, make sure your kids brush AND floss everyday. No need for explaining here but that it protects your kids from tooth decay, bad breathe, and gum disease.

-If you fear you child is overweight, do not panic. Young children need to eat a lot to ensure development and their bodies still have years to grow. Implementing diets this early in their life is unnecessary. Just make sure that they are eating right and that their eating habits are healthy enough to carry into their teens and twenties.

Giving your kids the right nutritional plan is an essential job for every parent. Ages 5-10 is an excellent time for children to learn the right way to eat and hopefully, throughout continues years of healthy habits, they will take these healthy habits into high school, college, and instill it in their own children.

Did you know that children who lose diet may miss out on important nutrients and vitamins for growth? It takes not only a good diet as well but a healthy helper to lose the excess weight for all people. Visit to learn more about these healthy helpers.

Maintaining Healthy Eating Habits For Children Age 5-10

Body Odor In Young Children

Read How To Say You Have Bad Breath In Spanish and You Have BO (Body Odor) additional

How To Say You Have Bad Breath In Spanish and You Have BO (Body Odor)

Body Odor

I was on a learning-Spanish forum earlier today and someone asked how do you say your breath stinks or you have bad breath in Spanish. And another person asked how you do you say you have B.O. (body odor), your underarms stink or your armpits smell in Spanish.

No one had answered the questions but I thought that I would share the answers with my readers in case
you ever have the need to tell someone this:

Tienes mal aliento.
You have bad breath.
Your breath stinks.

And if you ever need to tell someone "tienes mal aliento" (you have bad breath) the following
phrase may also be helpful:

Necesitas enjuagarte la boca con bicarbonato y Listerine para desinfectarla.
You need to rinse your mouth out with baking soda and Listerine in order to disinfect it.

Yes, both Listerine and Colgate toothpaste are sold in Spanish speaking countries. But what I find so interesting is that in Spanish speaking countries they pronounce both Listerine and Colgate EXACTLY the
same way you would pronounce the words if they were from the Spanish language.

Here's another vocabulary word that may come in handy:

Enjuague bucal - mouth wash

And this is how to say have B.O. (body odor) or your underarms stink in Spanish:

Tienes mal sudor.
Your underarms/armpits stink.
(Literally, "you have bad sweat.")

"Tener mal sudor" is probably the most universal way to say in Spanish that someone has smelly underarms or BO (body odor). But in Colombia, the term that I have also heard used is "tener grajo" for "your underarms stink." For example...

Cuando yo era pequeño yo tenía un maestro que tenía grajo.
When I was little, I had a teacher who had smelly underarms, stinking armpits, BO, etc.

I was wondering if "tener grajo" might be a phrase that is only used in Colombia. So I looked the phrase up in one of my Spanish dictionaries and it says that the phrase is used in Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.

There is one more phrase that I have heard used in Colombia, to say that one has BO. And that's
is "tener chucha." "Chucha" literally means "opossum" as in the animal opossum.

Telling someone "Tienes chucha" (you have opossum) to say that one has BO makes perfect sense considering that opossums, like "zorrillos" (skunks) or "mofetas" (skunks), also have the ability to release a foul-smelling fluid when threatened.

By the way, here's how you say armpit or underarm in Spanish.

Axila (underarm, armpit)

Lávate bien la axila para que no huelas mal.
Wash you underarms good so that you don't stink.

Besides "axila" you may also hear Spanish speakers use the word "sobaco" for the English word underarm.

No te lavaste bien el sobaco. Por eso tienes mal sudor.
You didn't wash your underarms well. That's why you have BO (body odor).

Before I go and while we are on the topic of "olfato" (the sense of smell), I have a mistake that I want to share with you that I heard an American friend make here in Medellín, Colombia earlier tonight
when speaking Spanish.

My friend, his "novia" (girlfriend) and I were at a bar having drinks. And then his "novia" went outside the bar to smoke a cigarette. When she returned, I heard my American friend say to her:

Tú hueles como cigarrillos.

That is NOT the correct way to say "you smell like cigarettes" in Spanish.

In Spanish you must use the "oler a" construction to say that something or someone smells like something. You do NOT use "oler como."

So he should have said to her:

Tú hueles a cigarrillo.
You smell like cigarettes.

The same rule applies when you want to say that something tastes like something. You must use the "saber a" construction. You do NOT use "saber como."

Esta torta sabe a chocolate.
This cakes tastes like chocolate.

Pat Jackson is the Founder of Learning Spanish Like Crazy - the only learning Spanish method that teaches real authentic everyday conversational Latin American Spanish. Pat presently lives in Medellín, Colombia - the City of Eternal Spring. If you would like to get FREE Instant access to the first 2 MP3 auido lessons of Learning Spanish Like Crazy and get FREE instant access to 10 learning Spanish videos from one of our BEAUTIFUL native-Spanish speaking Latina instructors, then go here now: Learn Spanish online That's

Go through How to Get Rid of Body Odor: The Natural Way additional

Do you know other ways on how to get rid of body odor other than wearing your underarm deodorant? Some people thought that these chemically produced deodorants are the only cure for body odor. However, what they don't know is that there are natural body odor remedies that are affordable and very effective. You just need to follow these 3 core steps to get rid of body odor: shower, pat dry, and apply any of the following below:

1. Let Apple Cider Vinegar do the magic. Once applied on your armpit, it will prevent bacteria from thriving because it can change the pH of your skin.

2. You can also apply any Green Tea Extract from local health stores.

3. Another antiseptic that you can use is Witch Hazel.

4. Tea Tree Oil is another antimicrobial that you can apply to prevent body odor.

5. As an alternative to deodorant, you can grate a turnip in cheese cloth. Squeeze the juice extract and massage 1 tsp of it on each underarm.

Take note that the natural remedies mentioned above may not prevent you from sweating, but they will kill bacteria that cause the foul smell.

Your body scent is a reflection of what you eat. Vegetarians can easily tell if a person is a huge fan of meat or not. If you are suffering from a body odor, take note of what you are eating. Make sure to lessen the consumption of meat and dairy products. Instead, you need to eat more green leafy vegetables. Heavy meat eaters normally suffer from body odor. Your new healthy diet may not stop you from perspiring, but the smell may not be as bad as before.

There are some people who are taking zinc (30 mg daily) supplement to get rid of their BO. Some reported that they notice the improvement within 2 weeks. However, before taking this supplement make sure to consult your doctor first. High doses of zinc may upset your stomach. Also, a prolonged intake of high doses of zinc may increase the risk for prostate cancer.

You can also drink an ounce of fresh wheat grass juice every morning. However, make sure to take it in an empty stomach, and drink it down with water. The chlorophyll in this plant can reduce or even eliminate the body odor.

If stress or tension can cause you to perspire leading to a bad BO, then you can consider taking Sage Tea. Use 1 ½ teaspoons of dried sage or 2 sage tea bags in 1 cup of just boiled water. Allow it to steep for at least 10 minutes. Sip the tea in small doses all throughout the day. This tea will help you relax and prevent sweating.

Now that you are aware on how to get rid of body odor naturally, you'll not solely rely on underarm deodorant anymore.

Body Odor

Want to Learn More? Go to: Pain Solution to get to see more All Natural Pain Free Solutions.

"Like" Dr. John Char's Facebook Page HERE and get exclusive holistic health tips for free.

I am a researcher and developer of Holistic healing methods for 50 years. I have doctors' degrees in Dentistry, Homeopathy, Natural Science, and I am a Licensed Certified Massage Therapist.

How to Get Rid of Body Odor: The Natural Way

Understand High Blood Pressure in Children - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment more

Body Odor In Young Children

When you think of high blood pressure or hypertension you automatically associate it with older people however, children can suffer from this condition. This alarming situation can be linked to the rising rates of obesity among young people over the last 15 years. There is a correlation in the rise of obesity and an increase in children with high blood pressure.

Hypertension can be categorised in to two groups. The first group is primary hypertension and this describes the condition where the cause or source cannot be determined. This is the most common type of high blood pressure. The second group is secondary hypertension. This refers to high blood pressure being caused by different health complications. Young children with the primary form of hypertension usually acquire it due to a hereditary condition that can be linked to a history of hypertension in the family. The risk of acquiring this condition can be greatly increased if the young child is overweight or obese.

The BMI index which measures the proportion of fat in the body has been used in research studies that revealed children with hypertension have a high percentage of fat in relation to their body mass. Research has also revealed that approximately thirty percent of young children are overweight or obese.

Secondary high blood pressure is less prevalent in adults as it is in young children. If a child is overweight they should be checked for high blood pressure as further studies have determined that eighty percent of complications relating to the kidneys were found in young children with hypertension. Other health complications related to high blood pressure in young people are convulsions and other heart conditions.

If you are concerned that your child may have hypertension there are a number of symptoms to watch out for. For example, if there is a change in their eating habits, if they get moody or irritable and if they cry a lot for no apparent reason then check with your doctor. In older children symptoms could range from headaches, dizziness and sickness. The only way to be sure is to visit the doctor and ask to have their blood pressure measured.

Milder forms of hypertension can be treated by changing their diet, reducing their consumption of salt, processed foods and sweet snacks. This can be done in conjunction with giving them more exercise which should help to improve their condition.

The treatment of chronic hypertension may require pharmaceutical drugs to help control the condition. As with the mild form, the child needs to eat a better diet that is low in salt and increase their levels of physical activity. It is very important to control high blood pressure especially in young children as they are at greater risk of having further health complications such as heart disease or stroke as they get older.

It is advisable that you seek medical advice from you doctor before you make any changes to your children's diet.

Joe has been writing articles for over 2 years on subjects he is passionate about. Why not check out his new website at []. The magnifying mirror [] guide helps people find the best magnifying mirror deals and accessories.

High Blood Pressure in Children - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Body Odor In Young Children

Go through Parabens In Cosmetics - Do They Keep You Looking Young? far more

Judging by the number of anti aging skin products that contain parabens, you'd have to think they contribute in a big way in protecting the skin from aging.

What are parabens?

Parabens are a large collection of synthetic chemical products found in most skin care and cosmetic products including moisturizers, shampoos, foundation, face powder, exfoliants, baby products... There are thousands of skin care products that contain parabens, the list is endless.

The reason parabens are put into skin care products is they have an antibacterial effect and act as a preservative.

So what? There are two problems.

The first and most serious one is the potential for parabens to be absorbed by the skin into the bloodstream from where they can lodge in our fatty tissues. As women are the main users of these products, the breast tissue is of particular concern.

Parabens mimic the hormone estrogen and can be absorbed by the breast tissue. In fact parabens, in their unconverted form, have been found in breast tumours.

What's the other problem with parabens?

Anti aging products are bought by both men and women in the hope of preserving the appearance of their skin. The problem is that some parabens can react to the UV rays in sunlight to produce a substance that actually accelerates aging.

No problems, you may think, I'll just wear a sun block.

Good idea, you should be wearing one anyway. Just check the label though because... guess what? That's right, parabens are even found in certain sun protection products.

How can I tell if there are parabens in the products I use?

It's very difficult because they go under so many different names! Some of the more recognisable ones are: Ethylparaben, Methylparaben, Isobutylparaben, Aseptoform Butyl and Benzoic acid. Parabens have many synonyms so without knowing all the names, which is virtually impossible, reading the label will only add to further confusion.

It's fairly safe to say if you see several long names you can't pronounce on the back of a product, there's a paraben lurking somewhere inside! Over 90% of skin care products, contain these chemicals. They are there because they are cheap and until recently, considered relatively safe.

The FDA has requested cosmetic companies to test the various ingredients they use to manufacture their products (May 2005). While they are to be commended for this, the process is laboriously slow and ongoing.

How can I protect my family against parabens?

Easy! Use natural cosmetics. The products on the site below contain no parabens whatsoever and are free of other cancer causing agents. And no, they're not expensive!

Body Odor In Young Children

Wendy Owen is a health researcher and author. For advice on absolutely natural skin care visit Sign up for our newsletter and recieve 5 free beauty books

Parabens In Cosmetics - Do They Keep You Looking Young?

Go through How to Control Body Odor additional

Body Odor

Body odor is namely caused by toxins that are eliminated from the body via sweating. The sweat alone is odorless, and thus it is not a good idea to mask the pores with antiperspirants. But rather, sweating should be promoted in order to help control body odor in the long run. For the more toxins that leave the body, the less odor will occur during sweating.


Diet is the most important thing to consider when it comes to controlling body odor. What goes into the body, ultimately must come out.

Animal proteins, fast foods, processed foods all contribute to body odor, and thus they should be reduced in order to control the odor more efficiently.

Fresh fruits and vegetables on the other hand, help to decrease body odor by eliminating more toxins through the stool. The more toxins that are removed via the stool, the less will come out through the sweat.

In addition, herbs and spices have a natural sweet aroma that can help to freshen the body from the inside out.

Promote Sweating

Sweating may increase body odor temporarily, but it can help to control the odor in the long run. This is because when the body sweats, harmful toxins are removed, and thus the odor is increased. But then once those toxins are removed, the odor will not be present, or be as strong the next time the body breaks a sweat.

Some of the best ways to promote sweating is through vigorous exercise, hot baths or saunas, as well as by drinking a hot tea made with ginger or lemon balm.

Note that the more one sweats, the more fluids are needed to replace those that are lost. Thus carrying a water bottle is essential.

Deodorants and Antiperspirants

Deodorants and antiperspirants are the most popular way to control body odor, as they are the most effective in temporarily masking the odors.

However, these should only be used as a last resort, as they contain harmful ingredients such as aluminum, which has been shown to contribute to diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer's.

Natural Remedies

There are many natural remedies that can help to control body odor. Some work better than others, but when combined with a healthy diet they can be very effective.

Baking soda, white vinegar, apple cider vinegar, essential oils and ginger juice can be applied to the underarms after a shower in order to help mask the odor.

Adding baking soda, Epsom salt and/or sea salt to a bath water can help to draw out toxins from the skin, and thereby reduce the odor.

Frequent showers or baths also help to naturally reduce the odor.

For more information on how to prevent disease and live a long and healthy life, visit LivingFood101. You can also find me on Hubpages

How to Control Body Odor

Examine Stop Over Sweating Now much more

Obviously overweight and obese people are more prone to over sweating due to their excess body fat. However, if you are of normal weight for your height and experience excessive perspiration, the condition can be both perplexing and embarrassing. If you are like many who suffer from and want to stop over sweating, you are all too familiar with stained clothing, frequent showering and an undesirable body odor. Some people even report diminished self-esteem due to appearing chronically unkempt.

More than 5 million Americans are affected by this disorder, known as generalized hyperhidrosis. The condition causes abnormal sweating of the body, or over sweating. You may experience unexplained moisture in most areas of the body, including the face, trunk and extremities. Unfortunately excess moisture can also cause skin infections that lead to body odor. The end result is a personal problem that can be socially damaging.

Excessive Sweating Causes

In some cases, patients have other systemic problems such as obesity, febrile illnesses (fever), neoplastic disease (cancers) or an endocrinological disorder (thyroid gland) that could be responsible for the over sweating. Women who are going through menopause often have excessive perspiration that is associated with hormonal fluctuations; and some psychiatric illnesses include over sweating as a symptom.

Searching for a specific reason in general can be time consuming and frustrating when all you want is to be spared the indignity of having to towel off continually. Although an assortment of treatments for over sweating is available, your physician should be consulted to consider your health and age, and to advise you based on the severity of your condition. A cause may not be found in every case and then the diagnosis of idiopathic (unknown) hyperhidrosis is applied.

Traditional Treatments to Stop Over Sweating

Over sweating caused by disorders of the sweat glands can be remedied using methods as simple as perspiration treatment or as drastic as thoracic surgery. The latter, a procedure known as endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy, is considered a last resort due to its serious and irreversible complications. The operation involves destroying part of the nerve supply to the sweat glands in the skin and carries with it the possibility of creating excessive sweating in other parts of the body.

Over sweating can be addressed in less risky ways using over- the- counter antiperspirants. Those brands that contain aluminum chloride have typically been more effective, as are those antiperspirants that are labeled "natural". These remedies tend to have only localized benefit since over sweating probably affects more than just your armpits. Also, you might find that applying antiperspirant to your hands, feet and chest, although possibly effective, could be an unpleasant option. Some have tried an antiperspirant which contains aluminum hexahydrate, however it is only available by prescription and involves blocking the sweat ducts with the aluminum salts in the antiperspirant. Unfortunately aluminum chloride tends to cause irritation that requires subsequent application of an anti-inflammatory lotion.

At the present time, the FDA has approved the use of Botox (botulinum toxin) to treat excessive axillary (underarm) sweating, but this area of the body is not always the only culprit in over sweating. Botox reportedly has a 90% success rate in reducing sweating in the areas in which it is applied, however many patients find the cost prohibitive and the results are relatively short-lived.

Stop Over Sweating Naturally

Generalized hyperhidrosis, or over sweating, is not a temporary condition. Many people who suffer from it have suffered for many years, usually since childhood. Whether you live in a hot or cold climate, you probably experience constant sweating and the many discomforts that result. Perhaps you have considered natural prevention or homeopathic remedies to avoid the more costly and complicated traditional methods. Most will agree that a systematic approach in order to stop over sweating can yield good results and bring about a much-improved quality of life, but you must carefully weigh your options to enjoy maximum benefits, with minimal side effects, and at a reasonable cost.

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Body Odor

Understand How to Get Rid of Body Odor much more

How to Get Rid of Body Odor

Body Odor

OK, so you stink. Yes, you smell. Admitting to yourself there is a problem is the first step in the process of getting rid of body odor. Hopefully you realized the issue before you became known as the person at work with the nasty aroma. So once again, you smell bad. Don't worry, give yourself a break and figure out the problem.

I know the first thing you are going to do, slather on deodorant. It won't help. Have you ever been to the bathroom at work just after someone did their business, and just after the air freshener went off? Did it help? Sorry about the nasty example, but I needed to make a point. The cover up method may (or may not) help for an hour or two, but in the end you haven't addressed the cause of the problem.

A few of the obvious things to consider include your home (do you clean it?), your clothes (do you wash them?), you (do you bathe?) get the idea. What your home smells like rubs off on you, so keep it clean and open the windows often. If you don't bathe often enough, bacteria can build up and create some nasty odors, so hit the showers.

If the basics don't help start looking at other things. Go to the doctor and get checked out. Rule out any possible medical disorders that may be causing the problem. The last thing, and probably the most important (you might not like it) is the way you treat your body. You know what I am getting at, right? Yes, diet and exercise. A clean and healthy inside produces a sweet smelling outside. Years of abuse and toxin build up cause odor. Caffeine, processed foods, fast foods, get the idea.

Get some exercise, especially an activity that will produce a healthy sweat. When you sweat, you detoxify. Make sure to shower right after your workout to wash off all of the toxins you just got rid of. Eat healthy, yes lots of fruits and veggies. If you still need the red meat and fries, then do so on occasion, just decrease the amount of crud and increase the amount of clean. Speaking of clean, eating more fruit and vegetables (oh yeah, drink lots of water too) will help clean out your insides, but you probably need a little more help. Commit to doing a colon cleanse. It doesn't take very long and helps to reset your system. Not only will it help with your overall health, but will help with the odor issues also.

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Study Goiter and Body Odor much more

Can people with body odor (BO) be "immune" to their own unpleasant odor?

That's correct. The human nose can recognize 4,000 different scents and a really sensitive proboscis can detect up to 10,000 different scents. But if you smell something for a long time, your nose gets overwhelmed by the odor and can no longer detect it.

That' s the reason why the perfume you're wearing loses its fragrance after a while and your friendly garbage collector isn't bothered at all by the trash around him. Other people can easily smell these things but not those who have been exposed to the same odors for quite some lime.

Can goiter cause BO?

Like bad breath which can indicate the presence of kidney disease or diabetes, BO can also signal an underlying medical problem. Goiter due to hyperthyroidism (or an overactive thyroid) can promote sweating, making your body more hospitable to odor causing bacteria.

Certain metabolic infectious disorders, some drugs and foods like garlic, onions, and asparagus, can likewise cause BO. The same is true with uremia (a serious disease wherein the kidneys fail to eliminate waste products) and pneumonia.

If the problem persists in spite of good personal hygiene and the use of an effective deodorant, it's time to consult a physician to discover the root of your problem.

Can working in a chemical factory lead to BO?

Working in a chemical factory can probably make you smell bad but that doesn't mean the stench will linger on even after you've left the place.

The culprit in BO or bromhidrosis is bacteria acting on secretions of the apocrine sweat glands. Compared to the eccrine sweat glands that cool the body, the apocrine glands produce a milky fluid which has no known function except as food for bacteria.

When bacteria digest this food, they produce 3-methyl-2-hexenoic acid which has a stench that's enough to drive your enemies away. This becomes obvious in about six hours and the odor becomes stronger in warm weather.

Apocrine glands are found mainly in the underarms and the crotch which explains why these areas stink easily if you don't practice good personal hygiene. Asians have fewer apocrine glands than Americans or Europeans. That means they stink less than other people. The bad news is that men have bigger apocrine glands and more androgen, the male hormone that stimulates the odor-producing gland.

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Body Odor

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Goiter and Body Odor

Understand Young Skin Tips - 3 Ways To Keep Your Face and Body Looking Younger Naturally more

Body Odor In Young Children

If you want to stay younger looking for longer and prevent aging, follow these young skin tips and help to improve your overall health and well-being as well. Some of them are extremely effective but are often overlooked for being too simple.

#1 Exercise Regularly and Hydrate Yourself

Pick an activity or sport that you actually enjoy and do it a few times each week. Walking the dog counts as does anything that raises your heartbeat for 30 minutes or more.

You will sweat out toxins and firm up your skin, giving it a more radiant glow while also boosting your cardiovascular health.

By drinking more water, you help to flush out more toxins and lubricate your skin and joints, increasing your energy and improving your health. An extra 3 glasses a day can have a dramatic effect on your skin and try to drink filtered water if possible for even greater results.

#2 Eat Properly and Take Supplements

Trying to avoid saturated fat found in red meat, fried foods, sunflower oil and so on is one of the most effective young skin tips. Eating healthier foods like vegetables, fatty fish and fruits will result in much healthier skin.

As the nutritional content of our food today is so low, why not include a quality nutritional supplement to ensure your body gets exactly what it needs.

The best ones can help you to look younger by preventing the effects of aging, mainly through powerful antioxidants and substances used for DNA repair.

Premium fish oils are also excellent and can help to reduce the effects of photo-aging (too much sun). They should have added antioxidants and the best ones are clinically proven to increase the thickness of your skin, reduce the roughness and firm it up by around 10%.

#3 Use Natural Skin Care

Look for ingredients like Cynergy TK, Babassu wax, Grapeseed and Avocado oil, Shea Butter, Maracuja extract and Coenzyme Q10 for the best results.

The best creams should be free from any harmful chemicals and be proven to boost your collagen and elastin levels. By stimulating your own levels, you will be able to have much younger looking and healthier skin as the lines and wrinkles fade.

If you use these young skin tips, you will improve your overall health and future well-being in addition to having a much more youthful and healthier appearance.

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Discover more important young skin tips today.

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Young Skin Tips - 3 Ways To Keep Your Face and Body Looking Younger Naturally

Body Odor In Young Children